10 Harmful Beauty Mistakes You Do NOT Want To Repeat This Year

If there's a resolution you have to make in 2015, let it be one that reminds you never to commit these crimes against your skin again.

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1. Picking at your face

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Yes, it's very satisfying when you successfully pop out a pimple or blackhead... but seriously, STOP. Picking and pulling at your face actually causes more damage and creates irritation, scars and wrinkles.

If you absolutely must use your hands, such as when you're applying skincare products, make sure your hands are nice and clean... or use a spatula to scoop your product.

2. Over-exfoliating

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Scrubbing away at your face "feels" like it's working, but it's highly damaging in the long term. Buffing away too much of your top skin layer is akin to removing your skin's protective later, hence exposing it to environmental toxins and sun damage. It does not only accelerates aging, it's also drying out your skin and causing it to start over-producing oil (which is really bad news for acne).

3. Piling on too many new products at one time

Whether it's a part of your beauty routine or you're still trying to find the right one, never pile on too many products on your face at any one time. Product overkill does not just render your expensive skincare range ineffective, it could also cause irritation, unexpected breakouts and allergic reactions.

4. Going to bed with your makeup still on

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Leaving your makeup on overnight does not only cause breakouts, it clogs up your pore and oil glands, stretching them out and making them appear larger. In the long run, the enlarged pores causes collagen levels to decline and make you look older much, much sooner.

5. Wearing waterproof mascara everyday

Waterproof mascara is very drying on the lashes, and since they are pretty difficult to remove, you will probably end up losing some lashes during the cleansing process due to excessive rubbing.

So unless you perspire a lot, reserve waterproof formulas for special occasions or activities that involve a lot of water such as swimming and water theme park outings.

6. Relying on makeup cleansing wipes to wash your face.

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Makeup cleansing wipes are a godsend when it comes to lazy nights and hectic schedules, but it is somewhat bad for your skin. Some wipes may not be compatible with your skin type, especially if they’re fragrant and you have dry or sensitive skin.

Also, these wipes leave chemicals and irritants on your skin because they don’t have a rinse component. So, make sure to follow up with a quick wash and moisturize.

7. Not washing your dirty makeup brushes

Not washing your makeup brushes. We sometimes get lazy and forego washing our brushes, but not only will you end up with mixed shades and products, but you're allowing bacteria to build up. If you're prone to acne (or not) dirty brushes can cause you to break out. Clean your brushes about once a week with a gentle cleanser so you don't spread bacteria all over your face.

8. Forgetting sunscreen - sunglasses alone aren't enough in Malaysia!

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With UVA and UVB exposure at an all-time high, sunscreen should be as much a part of your morning routine as brushing your teeth. If a stand-alone sun cream just doesn’t work for you, give your foundation an update with a stable SPF-loaded formula that’s meant to transform skin immediately and protect it year-round.

9. Applying foundation before your moisturiser has dried off completely

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The creaminess of a moisturiser can cause makeup to thin out if the moisturiser hasn't had enough time to soak into the skin. This can result in blotchiness and ultimately limit the amount of coverage your foundation can offer throughout the day.

Moisturiser typically takes up to 60 seconds to be absorbed into your skin. However, if you're short on time, blot your face with a tissue after moisturising, and then apply foundation.

10. Neglecting your neck when applying moisturiser, sunscreen, and foundation

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The skin on your neck is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your face, so it is just as prone to changes in skintone and texture as well as - gasp! - wrinkles. When applying sunscreen or moisturiser, extend it all the way down your neck. Same goes for foundation; make sure to blend your foundation into your neck - you don't want to end up with a face that's a different colour from your neck.

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