10 Reasons Why This Awesome Festival In Sydney Is Totally Worth The Trip

Experience a different kind of winter as Sydney warms up the city with a spectacular combination of light, music and ideas.

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Vivid Sydney, an annual event of light, music and ideas is happening on 22nd May till 8th June 2015. Not sure if you should attend this 18-day festival? Here are reasons why you should:

1. Be enthralled as Sydney transforms into a magnificent canvas of captivating lights

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Vivid Light transforms Sydney into a wonderland of 'light art' sculptures, innovative light installations and grand-scale projections for all to enjoy - for free. It is a magical celebration of light-design excellence and the world's largest outdoor 'art-gallery': a unique Vivid Sydney experience.

2. Grab the chance to have a hand in painting the town to your liking...

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Paint the Town is a cutting-edge, interactive illumination of the Sydney skyline. Participants of any age ‘paint’ with light by using a special touch screen to control the choice and sequences of colour illuminating iconic buildings around Circular Quay. It is a rare experience to be able to express creativity on this scale and to help redefine and represent how Sydney appears on the world stage.

3. witnessing the breathtaking illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails

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4. The stunning, psychedelic lights will sure to leave you in awe

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5. Imagine just how awesome your Instagram photos will be. Everyone is going be #jealous!

6. There will also be live international acts like Sufjan Stevens and Pharoah Sanders...

Sufjan Stevens.

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From local and international acts performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House, to other large venues and small bars, Vivid Music will host a lively and eclectic range of live performances and ground-breaking musical collaborations.

7. well as local Australian musicians like Daniel Johns and more!

Daniel Johns.

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Daniel Johns - Affectionately nicknamed ‘Young Modern’ by iconic arranger Van Dyke Parks, the Silverchair and Dissociatives front man will deliver his long-awaited international solo debut at Vivid LIVE. The 35-year-old has stretched well beyond the rock template of his formative years.

8. Pick the brains of some of the movers, shakers, and top innovators from various industries including design, architecture and more

Matthew Weiner, series creator and executive producer of Mad Men, and formerly executive producer and writer on The Sopranos.

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Vivid Ideas turns inspiration into action: learn how to build a creative career or a business, hear advice from the best in the world, and discover how innovative productions and projects become reality.

Expand your horizons at creative conferences, the dynamic Vivid Ideas Exchange and a public event series presented by creative industry associations, educators, and businesses.

9. Whether it's witnessing the magnificent lights, enjoying the music or being inspired by ideas, Vivid Sydney is a family-friendly event with something to offer to everyone

10. Also, did we mention that it's an 18-day festival?!

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Don't miss out the chance to experience Sydney like you've never had before!

Join Vivid Sydney with AirAsia's daily direct flights to Sydney. Travel period is from 1 May until 31 August 2015. Book now until 12 April 2015 here.