11 Good Habits That Deserve More Attention Than Bad Drivers In Malaysia

From stopping before yellow boxes, to signalling when one makes a turn, we take a look at other good habits Malaysian drivers are doing right.

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1. Staying at a safe distance instead of tailgating recklessly

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What's the hurry? Make sure that you keep at a distance to give both you and the driver in front some safe space in case of any emergency! Your chase to hurry things up could potentially slow you down more!

2. Using the signal when switching lanes instead of 'surprising' other drivers

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Every car has something built-in so essential to every day driving. It's located just next to your steering wheel and it helps to alert other drivers on which direction you want to change to. All it takes is a little tap on the lever and they'll be alerted. Use the signal light, it really helps!

3. Sticking to the correct lane instead of swerving from lane to lane and at the last minute

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It's a good thing that you're signalling, but don't be the lone that makes last minute decisions! Know where your turn and exit is and make sure you make your way to that lane beforehand.

4. Staying clear of emergency lanes at all times (not just when cops are in sight)

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It's named an emergency lane for a reason. We're talking about life and death situations and being late for your appointment cannot be compared to these scenarios. The police, firemen, patrolmen and rescuers utilise emergency lanes to reach people in need when the roads are choked up in hard-to-manoeuvre traffic. You are directly helping accident victims by staying out of the emergency lane.

5. Drive ahead when there's an accident so emergency vehicles can reach the site faster. Slowing down to take photos is a nuisance to them and others on the road.

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Accidents happen, and we all want to know what's going on. Instead of slowing down to kepoh, just have a quick glance and move along to avoid slowing down help that is on the way.

6. Go to a designated U-turn instead of making illegal ones that may endanger other drivers

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You don't want to be THAT guy who awkwardly fails making a U-turn because it's:

1. Illegal
2. Not designed for a U-turn

You also don't want a lot of angry stares from cars heading your way because you thought it'd be smart to do so. Use a proper U-turn! Make the road planners happy!

7. Responsible adults dispose of rubbish in a proper bin instead of chucking it out the car window!

You're eating a banana and you have no where to throw it because you don't want to "dirty" your car. So you decide to throw it out the window because "it's biodegradable anyway". Don't do that! Solve this problem by getting a small plastic bag where you can dispose all your garbage. You can then throw it properly once you arrive at your destination.

8. Leaving parking lots for the disabled to those who need it, instead of abusing it for our own convenience

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Abusing parking lots for the disabled is disrespectful and shameful. Be civil.

9. If you really need to double park, leave your phone number on your car's dashboard instead of double parking irresponsibly

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Okay, so maybe there isn't a parking spot left despite using all your skills to find one. You want to double park to run an errand at the bank because "it will just take awhile". But it takes longer than expected and the poor guy can't drive out because he's blocked by your car. Make sure you leave a proper phone number on the dashboard so that you can be contacted easily.

10. Stop right before the yellow box, not at the centre of the yellow box

What is a yellow box? It's a control measure designed to prevent congestion and gridlock at junctions. So don't be that driver who stops in the middle because you're afraid someone will potong you. You're blocking others and thus making traffic worse.

11. Red means to stop. You're putting other lives at risk by beating it.

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Green is for go, yellow means to slow down (not speed up faster) and red is to stop. When you don't stop, you delay others and put yourself and others at risk.

If you're all for safer roads, report irresponsible drivers with the help of MyAid

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Malaysians against irresponsible drivers (MyAid) is a movement to make Malaysian roads safer by highlighting irresponsible Malaysian drivers on the road.

How it works
1. Download MyAID from the Google Play store or App Store.

2. Mount your phone on your windscreen and activate MyAID every time you drive.

3. If an incident happens to you or if you witness one, tap anywhere on your phone screen to record.

4. Upload your video to our site and help bring irresponsible drivers to the nation’s attention.