11 Simple Ways To Make Your Hair Healthier And Keep It Looking Beautiful

It actually has a lot to do with your daily habits, even the food you eat!

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If you're Malaysian, you'll probably understand the struggles of taking care of your hair in Malaysia's hot, humid weather

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We looked at some practical ways you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful:

1. Let your hair breathe

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Your hair is alive and needs to be free. If you tie or bun up your hair often, make sure you let it loose for a couple of hours each day. Also be careful not to strain your hair by tying or braiding it together too tightly; taking care of it now will help you prevent hair breakage in the long run.

2. Treat your hair to healthy botanical oils

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Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil are good for smoothening the frizz in your hair and making it softer. Rub a few drops into your palms and work your way through your hair. Just a little bit can go a long way.

3. Trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends

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Make a habit of trimming your hair at least once every two months. You can even opt to do this on your own at home, just make sure to use proper hair shears instead of scissors—because it could end up making your split ends worse.

4. Resist the urge to brush your hair when it’s wet

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It may seem sensible to brush your hair straight out of the shower, but your hair is at its weakest when it's soaking wet. Brushing wet hair, especially if you tug at it, will cause your hair to break more easily. So make sure it's dry or semi-dry before combing your hair into place.

5. Be careful when blow-drying your hair

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Your hair is a delicate thing, and you don't want to overheat it, as this may cause hair damage and promote breakage. However, the great thing about using hair dryers like Dyson Supersonic is that it always regulates the heat, preventing damage and maintaining your hair's natural glow. This means you can blow-dry without a worry.

6. Condition your hair before you go for a swim

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The water in swimming pools contains chlorine, which can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it brittle and dry. Remember to apply conditioner on your hair before going for a dip, as the conditioner will act as a protective layer from the chlorine in the pool.

7. Eat food rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon

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Foods like salmon, spinach and oatmeal contain omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for hair growth, along with a host of other health benefits. Essentially, you become what you eat, so start cutting down on the unhealthy junk and treat your body to the good stuff it deserves.

8. Try sleeping on silk pillowcases

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Regular pillowcases are usually made out of cotton, which can suck the moisture out of your hair. Silk pillowcases, on the other hand, will protect your hair's moisture and reduce friction—resulting in less split ends and healthier hair overall. The smooth, soft texture of silk will also help you sleep better at night!

9. Keep your hair loose during bedtime

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Whether you sleep with your hair braided, in a ponytail, in a bun, or just as it is, make sure it's loose and not held together too tightly. This way, you won't wake up with messy bed hair, and you won't have to worry about hair breakage through the night as well.

10. Take your vitamins and supplements

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Whether in pill form or its natural state, make sure you take your vitamins and supplements regularly. Vitamin E, often found in nuts, can keep your hair thick and voluminous. Vitamin C, on the other hand, prevents your hair from becoming brittle. And for those who want more hair, Vitamin B12 found in tangerines promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.

11. Enjoy a hair mask every so often

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Just like you use face masks to refresh your skin, hair masks are the perfect way to revitalize your hair. The great thing is that you can make your own homemade hair masks with ingredients like avocados, coconut oil, and honey. 

Your journey towards healthier, more beautiful hair starts today

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