11 Things You'd Only Understand If You're A Typical Malaysian Who Loves To Procrastinate

"Holiday next week? Tomorrow only book hotel la..."

1. “On my way, lah”

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If the location is 20 minutes away, we always think we can get there within 10 minutes. That’s why we’re always on the way and never on time.

2. Exam tomorrow? 12am only start studying

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Despite our good intentions, we almost always end up cramming and burning the midnight oil.

3. Spending way too much time making to-do lists instead of doing stuff

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We can have the most pretty-looking journal or to-do list, but end up not completing a single task. 

4. Pressing the snooze button 10 times before waking up

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We usually need to set our alarms at least an hour before we actually need to get up. That gives us time to procrastinate before having to eventually wake up and face reality.

5. "Still can use what..."

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Only changing the toilet roll when it's absolutely necessary.

6. Being a social butterfly in the office to avoid doing work

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Especially when deadlines are piling up, our coping mechanism is to ignore the work for as long as we can. We buzz around the office, gossiping and making small talk with whoever will layan us.

7. Browsing online shopping sites

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We could spend hours browsing through online fashion sites like Zalora, Fashion Valet, H&M, and Zara without buying anything.

8. Yam-cha sessions that last for hours

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Simple coffee dates turn into 3-hour long yam-cha sessions, because we love to talk and talk, conveniently forgetting all important tasks on our to-do lists.

9. Wasting our lives away on YouTube

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We can spend the whole night just going through random YouTube videos.

10. "Just.. one... more... game..."

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That's what we usually tell ourselves, that we'll stop after the next game or once we beat this level. However, we always end up playing more than that, 'cause there's no better way to procrastinate than with video games.

11. Holiday next week? Tomorrow only book hotel la...

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We love doing research of the places we're going to visit, but we always seem to have commitment issues. That's why we tend to book our hotels at the very last minute before our vacation starts.

We all end up procrastinating at some point or another, whether we're too lazy or unable to make up our minds

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Most of the time, procrastination may cause us to suffer from consequences in the long run. But in some cases, procrastination might actually be a good thing!

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