14 Best Mini Things We Found On The Internet

Because sometimes, it's the little things that count.

1. This mini teddy bear held by a tiny hamster

Image via buzzfed.com

2. This delectable mini donuts packaged in a tiny box

Image via buzzfed.com

3. How about some mini oranges?

Image via buzzfed.com

4. Have you ever seen an octopus this tiny?

Image via fishingfury.com

5. How about travelling solo? Parking will be super easy too!

6. This mini book coupled together with tiny words and pictures

Image via ning.com

7. Mini Oreos! Yum!

Image via Burpple.

8. Fancy going on an Italian diet? How about trying this mini Italian meal?

Image via buzzfed.com

9. Meet the world's tiniest monkey, the Pygmy Marmoset!

Image via taddit.com

10. As tech products get bigger and bigger, we're sure some would want a mini Macbook

Image via wordpress.com

11. Wanna go yum cha? Go bring this along!

Image via list25.com

12. Remember shopping at the mini mart back as a kid?

Image via wordpress.com

13. Don't like monkeys? How would you like to have a mini aquarium?

Image via dailykimchi.com

14. Shopping will never be the same again with this mini shopping cart!


Image via aliimg.com

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