15 Typical Things That Kiasu Malaysian Parents Do

Think you can do better than them? They'll prove you wrong.

1. Sending their children to all the tuition classes...

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2. ...but don't stop just there. Music and art lessons as well. Confirm got piano class!

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"It's okay, you can stop after Grade 8."

3. Submit a different home address just so their children get into a better school

4. Bragging about their children's accomplishment to other people behind their kid's back... #mukatebal

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5. ...but compare them with others right in front of the kid. WTF parents logic!

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6. Must attend all the PIBG meetings! Better yet, become a committee member!

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7. Meddling with the kids' co-curricular activities. Need help with Sports Day?

8. Know all their kids' friends. Even have their phone numbers and addresses!

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9. Exam time coming soon? Buy all the 'buku latihan' and mock test papers!

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10. Also must stock up on chicken essence for their children to drink before exam

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11. "Wah, get 99%! What happened to the 1%? Got wings fly away ah?"

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12. Won't allow the kid to eat before buffet because must "save space" for the food

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13. During buffet, must be the first to grab all the food

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"Getting food for the whole family mah. Later not enough and finish already, how?"

14. Make the kids lie about their age, so they can get the children discount

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15. Buy insurance for the baby before they're even born!

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