Your 'Kaki Makan' And 11 Other Types Of 'Kaki' We Can't Live Without

Because 2 is really better than 1!

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As Malaysians, we have a kaki for every occasion!

Whether it's food, travel, or fun, our kakis are what make everything 100 times better :D

The good news is KFC Delivery has paired up two of your favourites into exclusive '2 Kaki Lagi Best Combos'! Choose your delicious combo: Original Recipe Chicken with Cheezy Wedges, Zinger Burger with Nuggets, or Hot & Spicy Chicken with a large Coleslaw!

Why settle for one, when you can have two of a great thing!

On top of the exclusive combos, you’ll also get to enjoy ‘2 Kaki’ rewards. Exclusive merchandise such as smartphones, drones, Polaroid cameras, discount vouchers and Limited Edition KFC merchandise are up for grabs! Get the full deets at the bottom of this story ;)

Before we get to the ultimate '2 Kaki', let's talk about the top 12 moments when every Malaysian needs their kaki:

1. Getting to order more food for sharing because your kaki makan is here

2. Turning to your kaki wayang at every OMG moment of the movie like :O

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3. Who needs Google when you have your kaki kepoh giving you live updates?

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4. Hitting sales season with your kaki shopping

5. When you randomly dress exactly the same as a friend, you guys are kaki twins!

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6. Exploring the world with your favourite travel kaki

7. For all those late night matches, sure got your kaki bola to shout at the TV with

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Sometimes it's even more fun when you support rival teams... heh.

8. Every girl has their toilet kaki... guys will never understand what goes on in there ;)

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9. For all the times you wanna dress up, you've got your kaki cosplay

10. Your kaki adrenaline so you can scream your heads off together

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11. Working out every morning with your kaki gym

12. At work you confirm have your kaki office

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It's time to get your kaki together for the ultimate sharing experience with the 2 Kaki Lagi Best Combos, exclusively available on KFC Delivery online!

The KFC 2 Kaki Lagi Best Combo means you can order your two favourite items on the menu at a lower price! Choose from three exclusive Kaki Combos:

Image via KFC Malaysia
Image via KFC Malaysia
Image via KFC Malaysia

Don’t forget to redeem discount vouchers and bid for exclusive merchandise!

Order KFC Delivery online from 11 October to 26 November and collect 'Kaki Points.' With these 'Kaki Points' you can redeem discount vouchers and bid for exclusive merchandise!

Check out the auction merchandise below and find out more here

Image via KFC Malaysia

Enjoy the KFC 2 Kaki Lagi Best promo now! Find out more here

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