10 Reality Checks 20-Somethings Commonly Miss

Here's a little something for us in our twenties. If this struck a chord with you, don't fall into the trap of statement #9. Apply these remedies now and you're likely to see some realities come to life in no time.

  • 1. "I wonder when to start giving money to my parents..."

  • Reality: If you have the resources and your parents have a need, you should give to them

    • "Does your parent have a specific need that is not being met, such as health care, living accommodations or food? It is nice to give to your parents. It is altruistic to take care of them, but it is not your obligation if there isn't a specific need."

  • 2. "I don't know what to do this weekend, boring lah."

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  • Reality: Time is not a limitless commodity

    • "In our 20s we think we've all the time in the world to A) figure it out & B) get what we want. Make the most of the opportunities you have today, there'll be a time when you've no more of it."

  • 3. "I'm still waiting to meet the Queen of my heart/Prince Charming."

  • Reality: Romantic love has been hyped up by the media since 1200AD, create your own joy and source of fulfilment

    • "The dream partner you envision isn't the answer to your lackluster life. You're responsible for your own entertainment, hobbies and enjoyment in life."

  • 4. "My boss has something against me."

  • Reality: Get some perspective, 20-somethings are more sensitive to criticism

    • "The 20-something brain is still developing its frontal lobe, this means 20-somethings are more likely to take feedback personally, and magnify events to enormous proportions in their minds."

    • "Step back and get some perspective. Hear the criticism and learn from it."

  • 5. "But I really want that... Iron Man figurine."

  • Reality: Stop spending money on things you don't need

    • "Money is time and time is money. If you are wasting one then, ipso facto, you are wasting the other. How many of you can say that you spent your money wisely in your 20s?"

  • 6. "When I'm rich, I'm going to..."

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  • Reality: Too many people live their lives with the thought that they will be millionaires - stop letting money be your sole motivator

    • "While becoming a millionaire can be a realistic goal for some, it's not something that can be achieved without hard work and dedication - find a career you are passionate about and immerse yourself in it completely."

    • "Among people worth $5 million or more, more than 98% cited hard work as a 'wealth creation factor.'"

  • 7. "What's wrong with the world?! Did you see what he/she-"

  • Reality: Stop seeking revenge

    • "We're raising a generation of sh*t talkers. In your workplace this is cancer. if you have issues with management, culture or your role and responsibilities, speak up."

    • "Seeking revenge only makes you stoop down to the other person’s level. In the long run, the only person you are hurting is yourself."

  • 8. "Maybe I won't take that job...the office is so far lah."

  • Reality: Get the best job you can, 70% of wage growth happens in the first 10 years

    • "If you invest in your career early, you'll have longer to build it up...People who wait until their 30s to get going are never going to catch up."

  • 9. "Not today, I'll do it tomorrow."

  • Reality: Your brain doesn't fully mature until your mid-20s, change how you think and react

    • "This is the best chance you have to re-wire your brain and change how you think and react - What people do in their 20s wires who they’ll be as adults."

  • 10. "Oooo! Have you seen XX's Instagram?"

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  • Reality: You're missing out by not being present at gatherings

    • "Imagine how long you've spent on the profile page of someone you've never met or aren't really friends with, but you stumbled upon their page and spent an absurd chunk of time examining the life of a stranger."

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