These Are The Top Viral Food Trends Malaysians Couldn't Get Enough Of In 2017

Yes, we love our cheese.

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2017 has been a truly interesting year for believers in the "live to eat" philosophy, with one mind-blowing new dish after another to look forward to

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Here are the top 9 viral foods that stole the spotlight this year:

1. Just like last year, cheese continues to dominate the food scene and has materialised in many more outrageously delicious ways, like the dreamy Raclette

Besides this traditional style, Raclette became a popular addition to burgers and steaks too!

2. While Korean food has always had its loyal fanbase here, we took it a step further this year with the addition of ooey gooey cheese to everything from fried chicken to tteokbokki

3. Even drinks were not spared from our cheese obsession, as we welcomed cheese-topped teas into our lives

4. The obsession with salted egg yolk is still going strong as well, as evidenced by the widespread craze over salted egg yolk chips

While most of us initially only had access to these magical chips from kind souls who buy them back from across the Causeway, our wildest dreams came true when local brands started popping up with their own take.

5. Then there was the whole Nasi Lemak Burger episode...

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You probably recall all the drama that came with it. But amidst all that, we found some time to try our hands at making our own version:

6. Indomie fans were treated to next-level creations when the first Indomie cafe set up shop in KL

Their crazy good sambal, runny yolks, and succulent grilled meats have been a huge hit and they've recently opened up their second outlet in Subang.

7. When Taiwan's famous Original Cake finally hit our shores, we celebrated the only way we knew how: By queuing for hours just to get a taste!

8. 2017 also saw the sharp increase in demand for unicorn cakes, with home bakers around the country offering up one gorgeous creation after another

9. Healthy options continued to be in demand as well, with poke bowls being the new 'It' dish in the clean-eating circle

Which trending dishes were your favourite? Share with us your top picks in the comments below!

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