[VIDEO] This Heartwarming Short Film Will Make You Wanna Hug Your Parents

The video tells the story of a daughter chasing after her dream of becoming a doctor.

Cover image via PTPTN TV (YouTube)

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We all have childhood dreams, right? Some of us hoped to become astronauts, others wanted to become football players, lawyers, or doctors.

However, financial constraints can often come in the way of us pursuing our aspirations. That's why if you're a parent, you know that saving up for your children's tertiary education early on is important.

Whether your children decide to pursue their education at a local or international, public or private institution, the tuition and living expenses can add up over time. It can also be hard to allocate sufficient savings for their education when you've got other daily living expenses to prioritise. 

This is where Simpan SSPN comes in, so that parents can start saving for their children's higher education while they're still young.

PTPTN released a heartfelt video of how Simpan SSPN helped Kak Ngah Patin fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor

Coming from a family facing economic constraints, Kak Ngah Patin has always dreamed of becoming a doctor.

Upon receiving an acceptance letter for the programme she had applied to, she found herself contemplating whether to share the good news with her parents. 

Watch the full video below: 

Kak Ngah Patin knew that in order to achieve her dreams, she had to maintain excellent results in school, but she was worried about something else out of her control

After all the hard work she put into attaining good results, Kak Ngah Patin was excited that she got into the doctorate programme she applied for. But, her reaction soon changed as she was concerned that her family's financial limitations might not be able to support her studies. 

With the fear of being a burden to her family, Kak Ngah Patin started imagining scenarios that affected her loving parents

When she thought about how much her parents had to sacrifice for her medical programme, she pictured her father returning back home with a bicycle instead of his motorcycle, since he had to sell it to support her education. :(

All day, Kak Ngah Patin stressed about whether she should tell her parents about her acceptance letter

As she laid in her bed not knowing what to do, her mother notices her distress and approaches her. 

Little did Kak Ngah Patin know that her parents had already set aside savings bit by bit since she was young for her education in a Simpan SSPN account.

In case you didn't know, Simpan SSPN is an education savings scheme by PTPTN that aims to ensure that every Malaysian gets a chance to pursue higher education without financial worries

Parents can start saving for their children as early as possible so that by the time their children turn 18, they would have accumulated sufficient money, enabling their children to freely enrol in their chosen fields of study.

What's also great about saving with Simpan SSPN is that it gives you special benefits like income tax relief on savings up to RM8,000 per year, takaful coverage for depositors, free Matching Grants up to RM10,000 for one eligible family, competitive dividends, government-guarantee, and shariah-compliant savings.

Want to start saving for your children's future education? Open a Simpan SSPN account today through myPTPTN's app easily, quickly, and safely, or on PTPTN's website!

You can also download the myPTPTN app via the App StoreGoogle Play, or HUAWEI App Gallery for more info about PTPTN.

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