#ForeverAlone? Here Are 30 Things You Can Do In KL!

Finding yourself being forever alone more than not? We feel you, we really do! Thus, we've come up with a list of 30 things to do in KL for the forever alones. Who says you can't have fun alone? On our list is everything from drinking frosty beer the old fashioned way to navigating the back alleys of Petaling Street for an old school roadside haircut!

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30. Start your morning with a table full of dim sum

The Ming Room third floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre (03 2284 8822). Mon-Sat, 11am -3pm, 6-11pm; Sun, 10am-3pm, 6-11pm. Restoran Tuck Cheong Jalan Kancil, Pudu. Daily, 6am until food runs out.

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Who says one can't indulge in dim sum all alone? For the true roadside experience, pull apart fluffy char siew bao by the curb at Restoran Tuck Cheong. Can't live without A/C? Head to The Ming Room instead!

29. Pick ikan bakar off the grill at Kedai Kat Jat

Kedai Kak Jat Lorong Bellamy, Bukit Petaling, KL. Mon-Sat, 11am-3pm, 7-11pm.

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On a hill behind our old Istana Negara sits a stretch of ikan bakar stalls, but it's Kedai Kat Jat (more commonly referred to as Gerai No. 3) that stands out. The lone man at the grill may be the silent type but his perfectly cooked, banana leaf-wrapped seafood does all the talking.

28. Keep the wok busy at dai chow Soo Kee

Kedai Makanan Soo Kee 14 Jalan Medan Imbi, Imbi (03 2148 1324). Tue-Sun, 5.30pm-1am.

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Soo Kee is a longstanding KL institution (and his son has set up shop across the road), serving everything you could possibly make in a wok. They set the standard for beef kuay teow - the beef suspiciously tender and the whole thing crowned in a rich, eggy sauce of ginger & scallions.

27. Have your assam laksa fried at Restoran Well Cook Gourmet

Restoran Well Cook Gourmet 74 Jalan SS14/2, Subang Jaya (012 6811 623). Daily, 12noon-9pm, closed alternate Suns.

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The fishy local dish takes an unusual route at Restoran Well Cook Gourmet. Penangite owner Chin Gok Ton fries thick laksa noodles with a spice paste of blue ginger, belacan and chilli, complete with onion and pineapple garnishing.

26. Drink (frosty) beer the old fashioned way at Page 2

Page 2 49-B, Level G1, Publika, KL (03 6205 5318). Restoran 2008 Block C, Jalan 2/101c, Cheras Business Centre.

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Here's how it works: Heineken beer bottles are kept at an extremely low temperature & then poured into a frozen mug. As the beer cools, the texture of the drink changes & forms ice flakes. Fun fact: frosty beers were once only found in Chinese kopitiams in Ipoh, where they called it 'snow beer'.

25. Bite into caramelised barbecued pork at Meng Kee

Meng Kee Jalan Alor (next to Nova Hotel), Bukit Bintang, KL. Mon-Sat, 11.30am-2pm.

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Sweeten things up in your forever alone life by biting into honey-glazed char siew at Meng Kee (the stall sign is misspelled Ming Kee, so don't disregard it too quickly). The pork here is alarmingly sweet and yields a crunchy exterior.

24. Be spoilt for choice at Ah Sou Chap Fan

Ah Sou Chap Fan First floor, Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang, KL. Daily, 11am -2pm. For more cheap lunches, here's a list of the top 10 chap fan in KL.

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The run-down Wisma Central's Ah Sou Chap Fan puts many other economy rice vendors to shame with its spread of 30-odd Chinese favourites and low prices (a meal usually runs under RM8).

23. Buy a keris at Central Market for self defence

Central Market Second floor, 10 Jalan Hang Kasturi, KL (03 2031 0339). Daily, 10.30am-10.30pm.

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This former wet market is filled with shops that sell almost anything from ornaments and jewellery to traditional clothing and souvenir T-shirts.

22. Navigate the back alleys of Petaling Street for an old school roadside haircut

Petaling Street barber Off Jalan Sultan, opposite Chatime.

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Armed with just a mirror, 2 antique barber chairs & a fiery temper, this elderly barber offers haircuts (RM10) & straight razor shaves for patrons looking for a truly unique experience.

21. Take it to the dance floor with international DJs at Zouk

Zouk 113 Jalan Ampang, KL (03 2171 1997).

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KL's only superclub, the hugely popular Zouk is divided into six sections with dedicated genres and acts in one boulder-shaped spaceship. Noted international DJs have graced Zouk's decks alongside residents Shazz, Terrence C, Blink, Goldfish, Luqe and others.

20. Soak in the atmosphere of a '70s neighbourhood pub at Rennie's House of Oxtail

Rennie's House of Oxtail 119 Jalan Gasing, PJ (03 7955 2541). Mon-Sat, 5pm-12midnight.

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Neighbourhood pubs are fast becoming a facet of the past but Rennie's House of Oxtail shows no sign of retreat - it's been drawing in PJ regulars for close to 4 decades now. The signature oxtail stew is a must-try & so is the devilishly spicy mutton curry!

19. Jet up and party at Heli Lounge Bar, KL's first club on a helipad

Heli Lounge Bar 34th floor, Menara KH, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL (03 2110 5034).

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Heli Lounge Bar, KL.

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Here's the kicker about Heli Lounge Bar: you can drink at their helipad from 6-9pm daily when it's closed to helicopter landings. At the moment, there aren't any safety barriers surrounding the helipad, so stay away from the sides when you're drinking. The faint-hearted might want to stay inside.

18. Hang with the musicians at gig central The Bee

The Bee Publika 36B, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas (03 6201 8577).

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The Bee Publika has had a top-notch roster of local & international acts passing through it, with many more promised. If there's a gig, fight your way to the front of the crowd for some true musical magic. If it's an event-free night, just chill out with the hipsters & soak in the cool atmosphere.

17. Find the secret entrance to Tate

Tate Ground floor, The Intermark, 182 Jalan Tun Razak, KL (03 2161 2368).

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Hush, don't tell anyone about this super cool speakeasy bar. We're not telling you how to locate the door, because it's all part of the fun. Rest assured the bar isn't password-protected. Once you get in, the stylish, masculine design will put you right at home. And the cocktails are outstanding.

16. Channel your inner hipster at the Deer Society party

The Establishment 31 Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, KL.

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You'll never feel alone with the lads from Deer Society, they throw the most happening indie party every Saturday at The Establishment. Their music selection runs across nu-disco, deep house, rock 'n' roll, alternative tunes to anything in between!

15. Stroll idly (like our bureaucratic processes) through Putrajaya's architecture

Putrajaya (03 8000 8000 /

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Putrajaya is green, futuristic & utopian. If you haven't been here, it'll feel like you just stepped into another country compared to the rest of Malaysia. The grid within precincts can be overly spacious & it takes ages to walk from one building to the other. Our advice? Drive.

14. Retrace our colonial history through the city's architecture

Retrace our colonial history through the city's architecture.

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Some of KL's most beautiful buildings were designed by Arthur Hubback, the British architecture assistant to the director of public works in the 1880s. Get your camera & mobile with Wikipedia access & set a walking trail through the old railway station, Masjid Jamek & the Royal Selangor Club.

13. Decipher social commentary from the graffiti in KL

Walk around Pasar Seni, Masjid Jamek or even the cracked walls of Jalan Sultan and you'll find honest street art that gives KL character and voice.

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Spending too much time inside your own head? Why not spend some time with graffiti in KL? You'll find these in places like Klang river bank, bridge arches and derelict walls tattooed with (sometimes irreverent) images that resonate with current issues.

12. Try exotic satay at Sate Kajang Haji Samsuri

Sate Kajang Haji Samsuri Bangunan Dato' Nazir, Jalan Kelab, Kajang (03 8737 1853). Mon-Thu, 10.30-12.30am; Sat-Sun, 10.30-1am; Fri, 4pm-1am.

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The most conspicuous of satay establishments in Kajang (KL's satay central) is Sate Kajang Haji Samsuri, a double-floored tour de force serving sticks of juicy barbecued meat. Try the rabbit, venison, chicken liver or beef tripe satay for an unorthodox experience.

11. Feast on Wong Ah Wah chicken wings on Jalan Alor

Who cares what you look like wolfing down wing after wing at Wong Ah Wah when you're alone? They offer the tastiest barbecued chicken wings in town & is a popular destination for Changkat party-goers.

Wong Ah Wah 1 Jalan Alor, KL (03 2144 2463).

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10. Try authentic Nyonya kuih for tea

Outside Restoran Nam Chuan, 2 Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Garden. RM1 per piece. To learn more about Malaysian kuih, view our gallery.

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The kuih uncle at Lucky Garden only sells his goods on weekends, from 3pm 'til the last slice goes. His motorbike is laden with wobbly kuih talam, yam cake, wun zai gou (steamed rice cakes) & steamed tapioca kuih. Best part about this whole experience? You don't have to dress up

9. Pop by Warung Cherry under the flyover for a variety of homecooked lauk

Warung Cherry Jalan Penchala Hilir, Kampung Sungai Penchala, KL (019 344 1326). Open daily, 12noon-2am.

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Feeling low? Get up and out for food under a flyover. The nasi campur spread alone is enough to get you excited; the range of chicken, beef and seafood gulai, asam pedas, ayam goreng berempah and assorted vegetable dishes are tasty and authentic, while the fish is fresh.

8. Pair homemade yong tau foo with signature lam min at Cosy Corner

Cosy Corner 113, Block P/F, Jalan Kaskas, Taman Cheras. Tue-Sun, 9am-3pm. RM1 per piece.

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The flavourful clear soup and generous fish paste-stuffed vegetables (chilli, bitter gourd, lady's fingers and brinjal) are the main attractions at Cosy Corner. Initially established in 1969 in Pudu, the unassuming corner shop is now located below low cost flats in a quiet Cheras neighbourhood.

7. Lick your nasi lemak on a cone at Dielo Dolci

Cielo Dolci LG-50 Paradigm Mall.

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Essentially coconut gelato coupled with chilli sprinkles, peanuts and a dusting of anchovies, this gelato bears an uncanny resemblance to the real thing, but in a creamy and savoury artisanal dessert package.

6. Have nasi lemak bungkus with various side dishes at Nasi Lemak CT Garden

Nasi Lemak CT Garden Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman, Kampung Baru. Daily, 6pm-4am. Nasi Lemak Tanglin Medan Selera, Poliklinik Komuniti Tanglin, KL (03 2284 3366). Mon-Fri, 7am-12noon, 4.30- 9.30pm; Sat-Sun, 7am-12noon. Village Park Restaurant 5 Jalan SS21/37 Damansara Utama (03 7710 7860). Mon- Sat, 7am-9.30pm; Sun, 7am-6.30pm.

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It's not enough to have rendang as the only side dish with the egg, ikan bilis & sambal. At CT Garden, you'll be spoilt for choice; paru-paru, ayam kampung goreng & the most amazing sambal tempe goreng are just a few of the side dishes available here.

5. Hang out at a mamak joint at ungodly hours of the night

Restoran Murni Discovery 53 Jalan SS 2/75, Taman Sea, PJ. Tue-Sun, 8am-5am. Kayu Nasi Kandar Various locations. Daily, 24 hours.

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Murni's is a prominent force in KL's mamak scene and is known for their wide, if peculiar, range of rotis such as Roti Hawaii, Roti Scramble and Roti Beckham. Just beware of your safety when out at that hour!

4. Go for a full-on pork fest at Toast & Roast

Toast & Roast 20 Jalan SS2/72, PJ (016 682 2249). Wed-Mon, 8.30am-4.30pm.

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Toast & Roast does Hakka noodles best - springy egg noodles tossed in glistening lard & topped with minced pork, crunchy deep-fried fish skin & sliced spring onions. The crunch of the fish skin against the savoury slick of the noodles is a combination that has to be tried to be believed.

3. Get the best pisang goreng and fried snacks at this van on Jalan Batai

Mon-Sat, 10.30am onwards. Go on a Jalan Batai food trail to try the best eats along the street.

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The snacks that emerge from this wok are worth ignoring any diet for. Try the pisang goreng (sweet and juicy), the sweet potato balls (moist and flavourful) or the agar agar (perfect for beating the heat).

2. Eat banana leaf rice with your fingers at Vishal's Food & Catering

Vishal's Food & Catering 22 Jalan Scott, Brickfields, KL (03 2274 0995). Open for breakfast and lunch.

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Sink your fingers into curried rice at Vishal's in Brickfields. The ramshackle Chettinad restaurant, designed like a mess hall, used to be one half of a noisy printing factory, but popularity ensued, warranting the shop a ground floor space.

1. Cure a hangover with bak kut teh

Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh Jalan Besar, Klang (012 309 8303). Daily, 7.30am-12noon; 5.30-8.30pm.

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Bak kut teh gained its full name from Lee Boon 'Teh' (owner of Seng Huat) who unwittingly conferred his name on the dish. The third-generation owner, John, now serves the original meat-bones only in the morning & claypot style with intestines, maw, mushroom & tofu puffs at night.

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