5 Affordable Online Bookstores You Need In Your Life To Keep Expanding Your To-Read List

Pre-loved or new books, these bookstores have it all.

Cover image via Kimberly Farmer (Unsplash) & Ken Quach (Pexels)

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It's sad to hear that Book Depository will be shutting down soon, but that doesn't mean there aren't alternatives

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Here are five affordable online bookstores you might wanna check out for your next book haul:

1. Bookurve

Image via Bookurve

Bookurve has been going strong as an online bookstore since 2012. Their mission is to cater to readers' needs while providing a great book-browsing experience.

The online bookstore sells both new and secondhand books. New books are priced around RM35 to RM200, and secondhand books range between RM10 and RM150, depending on their condition. Some books are sold in bundles.

Bookurve also has a 'Trade-In' programme, where customers can trade in their old books to be refurbished and sold on the website in exchange for Green points or Cash points. Green points allow customers to purchase secondhand books on the website at a 50% discount, whereas Cash points allow customers to purchase new and secondhand books with the accumulated points.

Visit the website here.

2. Chaplang Store

Secondhand books in Chaplang Store restock almost every day, with a new selection up for grabs almost every 20 minutes. The books on the page are not organised according to category, and are sold on a 'first come, first serve' basis. 

But don't worry! The kind owner of the book store assures that they sometimes restock the same book, so you might still get another chance to buy it if you've miss out the first time. 

Prices of the books range from RM5 to up to RM90, with some books being sold in bundles. Occasionally, Chaplang Store has a special promotion at their physical store in Klang, where customers can purchase books at RM10 per kg

Visit their Instagram page here.

3. The Sleepy Cat Bookshop

A bookstore with a mission to save books from landfills, The Sleepy Cat Bookshop has a very wide selection of secondhand books that are preserved in great condition. Everything from your crime fiction needs to books you need to complete your memoir collection, you can find them here.

The Sleepy Cat Bookshop is highly recommended due to their affordable prices, and because of their adorable mascot and guardian of their book collection, Boba the cat.

Prices of the books range between RM7 and RM40.

The bookstore is accessible via their website and Instagram page.

4. Bookaholics Anonymous

Bookaholics Anonymous started off as a book-crossing (leaving books in public spaces for people to read, keep, and pass on) programme, but after the pandemic hit, the team switched to becoming an affordable online bookstore, selling secondhand books while also giving out books for free.

Bookaholics Anonymous prices their books between RM15 and RM150, depending on the condition. Books that are rare, such as first-press books, can go up to RM500.

Proceeds from the sales are directed to international charities the bookstore is collaborating with.

Bookaholics Anonymous is accessible via their website and Instagram page.

5. Books n Bobs

Image via Books n Bobs

Books n Bobs began in 2016 as a Facebook shop by Rachel, who had a combined passion of reading and book shopping. When it first opened, Books n Bobs barely had 100 books for sale. Since then, their stock has expanded to over 23,000 books listed on their website.

The bookstore sells both new and secondhand books. The books in stock are thoroughly checked and their conditions are graded according toBooks n Bobs' internal guidelines.

Books n Bobs carries all genres, from Asian Literature and History to picture books for kids. The books are decently priced based on their condition, with some priced below RM20 and others going up to RM100.

Visit the website here.

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