5 High-End Desserts To Order In Foo Foo TTDI That Are All Under RM30

Fancy affordable desserts.

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Foo Foo Fine Desserts, a cafe located in TTDI, specialises in traditional rustic desserts with a modern twist

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The cafe is owned by Foo Foo, the mastermind behind these mouthwatering delights, and Jack who has a background in architecture. Together, they teamed up to create a dessert cafe that reflects their own interpretation of food - rustic, homey and elegant at the same time.

Foo Foo, who has been working with desserts since the age of 14, likes desserts that have history and finds a way to give them a modern twist. The plated desserts here are priced at an affordable RM25-RM29 each considering the high-end quality desserts they produce.

We tried some of their signature desserts and our tastebuds ‘went back in time’ when Jack explained the history behind some of them. We loved these ones the most:

1. Travel back to Florence, Italy, in the 19th century when you try the Semifreddo with Chocolate Brownie for the first time

Semifreddo with flourless chocolate brownie, RM28

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It is a cross between frozen mousse and ice cream - think of it as an ice cream that doesn’t melt quickly! The semifreddo is packed with nuts and berries and served on top of a flourless brownie.

2. Get transported to Austria, the birth place of the apple strudel back in the 17th century. Foo Foo’s modern strudel is served with black pepper mango ice cream!

The strudel is the one on the right that looks like a scoop of ice cream at first glance.

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We love how the apple strudel here is shaped like a little purse. It is filled with home-cooked apple filling and is made fresh everyday. The black pepper mango ice cream served with the apple strudel is a perfect pair, and as bizarre as it sounds, the black pepper does a great job taking away some of the sweetness from the mango.

The apple strudel is worth every penny at RM29.

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3. The latest edition to Foo Foo is their Ginger Custard Pudding with Watermelon Granita

This is the perfect dessert on a hot day.

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Ginger Custard Pudding with Watermelon Granita is a fusion between American and Italian treats. The pudding is creamy and infused with fresh grated ginger giving a good "kick", while the watermelon-tamarind granita that is scraped by hand using a fork, was refreshingly sweet, and left us wanting more.

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4. The most Instagramed dessert from Foo Foo has to be the Crispy Profiteroles with Salted Caramel Coffee Ice Cream

This decadent dessert fit for sharing costs RM24.

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The profiterole is a French dessert which is more commonly known as cream puff. Foo Foo's version is served crunchy and filled with delicious homemade salted caramel ice cream. We recommend eating it with the slice of orange underneath the profiteroles for maximum flavour.

5. Coffee lovers, make sure you don't miss out on the Kaffelemonad. It's a mind blowing combo of lemonade and coffee.

It sounds like it won’t work, but it really does!

RM15 for a refreshing cup of kaffelemonad. Don’t forget to stir before you sip!

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Foo Foo also has a little community library in their cafe. Feel free to take a book, swap it, or read it while you’re there.

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Desserts, coffee, and a good book make for perfect “me” time. 

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Come and try the dessert out for yourself! Foo Foo Fine Desserts is in TTDI and is opened everyday except Wednesdays.

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Address: 64A, First Floor, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur (Same row as Standard Chartered)

Opening Hours:
3pm - 11.00pm (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays)
3pm - 11.30pm (Fridays - Saturdays)
Closed on Wednesdays

Contact: 03-2389 3155

More info on: Facebook | Instagram

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