5 Things We Did Differently This Year That Made #GVF Feel Like A Refreshing Getaway

Golden moments and good vibes, what more do you need?

Cover image via Strongbow & Darian Goh/SAYS

Ah, Good Vibes! With all the hype surrounding the weekend, people taking leave days to travel outstation, and the colourful costumes involved, it is almost as if the annual Good Vibes Festival should soon be listed as one of Malaysia's major festive holidays.

Excitement aside, preparations for "the big day" can sometimes feel a little daunting—what to wear, where to park, what if it rains, how long will the queue for food be?

Fortunately, there is nothing careful planning and a come-what-may spirit cannot overcome. And it so happened, this year, courtesy of our friends at Strongbow, all the prep was taken care of!

TLDR: we've been to Good Vibes thrice, and all the following things gave this year’s experience the "best vibes" yet.

1. We made “party, rest, repeat” our motto

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS
Image via Darian Goh/SAYS
Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

Let’s face it, screaming the words and bobbing along to your favourite songs, while navigating through massive crowds from sunset to midnight, can take a toll. Don’t get us wrong, as lit as the event was, there is only so much fun you can have in a state of complete exhaustion.

Want a tip? Don’t skimp on accommodation costs; book a room in the vicinity and rest up for day two of partying.

Thanks to the good folks at Strongbow, we stayed at Glamz; a novel space that marries glamour and camping to offer an experience called ‘glamping’. We’re talking spacious, air-conditioned dome tents, real beds, and attached bathrooms with water heaters.

To enjoy all of that, plus scenic views of the starry night sky and sounds of nature as a lullaby at the end of a long day was surprisingly satisfying.

2. We avoided the parking headache

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

We don’t say this often, but in the case of the GVF weekend, taking public transportation actually trumps having your own car. The parking conundrum around the festival grounds in addition to the traffic that builds up around the time of the final act’s swan song is, for lack of a better word, sobering.

Skip the bumper-to-bumper gridlock and take the free cable car ride to and from Sky Avenue where parking lots abound. Or do as Strongbow did, charter a private car to chauffeur tired festival-goers back to creature comforts.

3. We filled up on the good stuff

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS
Image via Darian Goh/SAYS
Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

This year, thanks to Strongbow, our usual festival diet of greasy grub and beer was momentarily disrupted.

In its place, chilled glasses of Strongbow Gold Apple on the rocks and a beautiful Sunday brunch was on the menu. Crisp, refreshing and sparkling with just the right amount of sweetness, the golden apple cider by Strongbow had us intrigued on the first sip and hooked by the second.

While digging into the generous spread, we realised that the drink pairs seamlessly with both the sweet and savoury! It’s strong enough to stand up well between mouthfuls of hearty roast chicken, its bittersweet finish cuts through creamy oysters perfectly, and the fizzy, fruity notes go hand-in-hand with desserts.

As for its #RefreshingbyNature tagline, we’d vouch for it—sips of Strongbow Gold Apple served over ice in between sets would beat fanning ourselves profusely while guzzling down water, anytime.

4. We took no shame in getting pampered :P

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS
Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

Some may say that a music festival experience is not complete until you have your own horror story of ending up knee-deep in mud while intoxicated on porta-potty fumes.

Well, some stripes we’d rather not earn. Taking the scenic route of getting our hair braided, faces bejewelled, feet massaged (thanks again, Strongbow! #youdabest) and fully utilising the swanky restroom facilities at the Sky Avenue mall before the festival began were amongst the best decisions we made all weekend.

Tip: For those who need a little help, many beauty counters offer complimentary makeup services, ideal for occasions as such!

5. We prepared for the worst

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

What’s worse than mosquitoes, muddied shoes, drenched clothing and a soaked phone? Answer: the stress of not preparing for all those possibilities.

To our relief, survival packs that could prevent all of the above were ready and waiting when we checked into our room/tent.

12/10 would recommend taking a screenshot now for future reference!

There you have it, five tried-and-tested ways to make sure your next GVF weekend is more party and less pancit

And if you’re curious about the Strongbow Gold Apple, find out more here, or pick a few bottles up to try the next time you’re in need of a refreshing boost!

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