7 Best Management Trainee Programmes In Malaysia

Management trainee programmes can propel fresh graduates to unexpected great heights, but be sure to pick one that gives you the best on-the-job training, after training career opportunities, and a fair salary.

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There are tonnes of management trainee programmes offered by corporations big and small hungry for talent. To pick the one that best suit your interests and abilities, consider these 6 questions:

1. How long is the programme?
2. What kind of exposure will you be getting during that time, and how valuable are they to your career growth?
3. Will you have a job at the end of the programme?
4. Are you paid during the programme?
5. Is there an opportunity for job rotations?
6. What's the mentorship like? Who are your mentors?

To save you the hassle of searching, here are some of the best graduate programmes offered by leading employers in Malaysia:

1. The Global Maybank Apprentice Programme

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The 2-year Global Maybank Apprentice Programme has a personalised approach aimed at developing trainees as individuals:

- The programme offers 9 main development and career streams options for a customised job rotation including Community Financial Services, Global Wholesale Banking, Insurance and Takaful, Islamic Banking, Group Finance Office, Group Credit and Risk Office, Enterprise Transformation Services, Group Human Capital, and Group Strategy and Transformation.

- Face-to-face development intervention where a dedicated coach and mentor is assigned to guide trainees throughout their journey.

- A holistic learning experience comprising of international assignments, experiential learning through CR initiatives, project management and presentation to top management.
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Testimonial from Darren Yeo Yee Hsiung, Global Maybank Apprentice Malaysia: "I was recruited as Global Maybank Apprentice through the GRADUAN-MASCA Australia Recruitment Drive. GMAP provided me with direct access to senior business leader whose advice was essential in guiding my career and shaping my goals. With my coach's input, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and thus optimise the programme that best suit my needs. Besides that, his vast experience and resourceful insights were invaluable in helping me with my transition into the professional working field."

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2. CIMB The Complete Banker Programme

CIMB The Complete Banker™ (TCB) programme provides broad exposure that helps trainees build the skills set required of a top-class banker:

- Three streams are available: Consumer Banking, Investment Banking, and Asset Management.

- Stage 1 foundation building is a two-month foundation building to learn how financial markets work, banking products and services and the work processes through real-life case studies, group projects and field trips.

- Stage 2 business appreciation is a 10-month job rotation system where trainees work in four different business units chosen complete with coaching and mentorship.

- Stage 3 is career placement where trainees will be given an executive position at a business unit based on their strengths, interests and business requirements. There is an opportunity to be seconded to other regional offices.

Testimonial from Wayniq Urairat, 24, Assistant Manager: “Embarking on CIMB Group’s TCB programme has definitely been a rewarding experience for me. The benefits of a regionalised programme are very real. The TCB programme allows MTs the opportunity to gain exposure via job rotations in all facets of the universal banking model, whether it is the investment bank, treasury or consumer bank. The TCB programme provides valuable insight into the business and scale of a regional universal bank. Crucially, MTs are viewed as a valuable resource, one that is definitely not wasted and left to idle. During my rotations, I was actively involved in projects/deals, and this developed a sense of responsibility, ownership and belonging in me. Regional rotations also allow MTs to experience working and living in a different culture. However, a harsh reality of a career in banking is the long hours you may need to put in. Nonetheless, you can be rest assured that hard work (with results) is recognised and rewarded at CIMB."

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3. Shell Graduate Programme

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The Shell Graduate Programme provides an industry-leading development framework for graduates, tailored to their career orientation:

- Competence-based programme that will develop you into an independent Shell professional.

- Skill building through hands-on roles, job tasks and world-class training and development in a truly diverse environment.

- Challenging and substantial responsibilities from your first entry into the business, where your performance contributes to company success.

- Strong support network to help you succeed. Supervisors, coaches, mentors and professional experts help you monitor and track your progress.

Testimonial from Chai Shiau Yinn, Process Technologist, China: “What I like most is that the learning never stops. Through day-to-day work activities and numerous challenges, I’m constantly improving and discovering my strengths as an engineer. I’m able to gain valuable exposure through other parts of the business around the world.”

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4. Celcom Axiata Management Trainee Programme

The Celcom Axiata Management Trainee Programme (CAMT) is an 18-month on-the-job experience and an intensive education-based development programme involving a combination of workshops, projects, coaching and opportunities to network with diverse groups of people:

- The CAMT is divided into three stages consisting of Sales strategy, brand management or device marketing, and digital technology.

- Management trainees will participate in learning workshops, CSR projects, and a mentorship programme.

- Upon completion of the programme, MTs are given priority to be placed in the division that is best suited to their interests and career aspirations.
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Testimonial from Pradheep Arun who now works in the Product Innovation department: “The Management Trainee Programme helps to develop and groom graduates to become future leaders, be moulded by the company’s best, and effect positive change in the company. It also allows a graduate the opportunity to gain valuable management principles and quickly grasp the management framework. Not only that, I also have the ability to work with like-minded individuals. This opportunity allows the graduate to automatically build a network of dependable people who can assist in multiple ways as each talent serves a specific purpose in the company and is able to render assistance to each other and work as a team.”

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5. British American Tobacco Global Management Trainee Programme

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BAT’s Global Management Trainee Programme is an intensive two-year structured programme:

- During the two years, the management trainee will be presented with on-the-job development opportunities through various assignments in their selected function supported by a coach, a mentor and periodic formal training.

- For example, a Management Trainee in the Marketing function will build strong Marketing foundation by undertaking roles on a rotational basis in all key areas of Marketing – i.e. Brand Marketing, Strategic Planning and Insights, Trade Marketing and Sales and Distribution.

- Management Trainees will have opportunities to spend a few months working outside of his or her own function, and another few months working in another country to test their adaptability and agility.

Testimonial from Management trainee Sheshadri Sriram: "The Management Trainee Programme has been a very interesting and rewarding one. During the two-year programme, I was exposed to the various divisions within the same Operation function. From Supply Chain Planning, I moved on to different departments – Primary Manufacturing, Secondary Manufacturing, to the Support departments. After graduating from the programme in 2010, I spent one year as an executive in the factory. Although the responsibility was huge, I was given the empowerment to make decisions within that role. The knowledge and skills that I've learned is so enriching that if I ever wanted to start a factory on my own I would know exactly what is needed – from A to Z. You are paid well to learn on the job for two years. It’s a well-structured programme and if you follow and learn fast, there is a bright future for you."

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6. UEM Group Young Engineers Programme (YEP) and the Young Graduates Programme (YGP)

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The UEM Group Talent Development Programme is designed to cater for the development of selected high potential young graduates:

- YEP is a five-year structured development programme aimed at developing high potential engineering professionals with the required professional engineering qualifications for the leadership pipeline of the organisation and to attain technical competencies and accreditation as professional engineers as required by the Board of Institute Engineers of Malaysia. In addition, YEP participants will also be equipped with soft, management and leadership skills.

- YGP develops high potential graduates with required competencies including strong strategic thinking skills for the leadership pipeline within UEM Group of Companies in areas such as Business Development, Finance, Accounts and Human Resource.

- Graduates can expect a structured development plan comprising on rotational assignments across the group, on-going personal and professional mentorship and by experienced technical leaders, and senior management interaction and visibility.
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7. Nestlé Management Trainee Programme

The Nestlé Management Trainee Programme is a 2-year fast-track programme that gives trainees the opportunity to learn industry secrets in the world's largest food and beverage company:

- The two-year journey as an MT will include managing projects, people, and resources, with key learnings and objectives to achieve, as Nestlé is a firm believer in learning on-the-job and learning through doing.

- Graduates in the programme will be guided by experienced coaches and mentors, enabling them to acquire new skills consolidated through field exposure.

- Trainees/talents will also have the opportunity to work alongside the industry’s top-class professionals and ultimately be equipped with global standards of excellence.
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Testimonial from syed Amir Faisal Syed Ali, Corporate Responsibility Executive: "I joined Nestlé as a Management Trainee because of its corporate philosophy and values – and it really does deliver on its promises. The training I received is now helping me to drive initiatives that benefit the business, and Malaysians."

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