7 Instances When Having ONE Is Better (Than Two)

The saying "two is better than one" is not necessarily true..

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You know the saying "two is always better than one?" It's not true. You see, not everything is better when it comes in multiples.

1. It is always better to have ONE girlfriend or boyfriend. Sure, it may be fun at first until you get caught. One partner, zero drama.

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2. Likewise, at your workplace, it is better to have ONE boss or leader. A clear direction, no conflicting ideas. Zero misunderstandings.

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3. You're at home holding the ONE and only remote control for the television. You're in control. No more changing channels.

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4. You got "saman" from the local policeman for parking illegally and not renewing your road tax. He only gives you ONE instead of two. Phew.

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5. You start a 100-metre race. You run as hard as you can before you come in at number ONE. Being number two is being the first loser.

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6. You have ONE phone plan. No unnecessary shock and worries when the bill comes.

7. You're at a bar during the week and have only ONE drink. You go home happy, and wake up in time to go to work. Zero hangover and headaches. Perfect.

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