7 Reasons Why You Should Tune In To This All-New Malaysian Reality TV Series

So much drama!

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If you love nail-biting reality TV challenge shows like 'Masterchef', 'Project Runway', and 'The Biggest Loser', you should tune in to 'BizSmart Challenge 2018'

With up to RM1 million in prizes up for grabs, this TV series brings together 12 of Malaysia's up-and-coming entrepreneurs to take part in various business challenges to test their creativity, leadership, and business skills.

This TV series is brought to you by Alliance Bank in collaboration with EcoWorld, in partnership with Astro Awani and BFM 89.9. The goal for 'BizSmart Challenge 2018' is to encourage more Malaysians to catch the entrepreneurial spirit and become the business leaders they have the potential to be.

Not sure if this TV series is for you? Here are 7 reasons why you should totally watch the 'BizSmart Challenge 2018':

1. Catch all the heated reality TV show drama

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What's a reality TV show without the drama, right? In this episode, they had to call the medics to bring a stretcher because one of the contestants nearly pengsan from exhaustion. Doing business is not easy at all!

2. Get inspired by awesome business mentors

(From left) Amy Zheng, Christy Ng, Freda Liu, Luqman Hariz

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This show features successful Malaysian business leaders, like Christy Ng (of Christy Ng Shoes) and Amy Zheng (of Amazing Graze). It's always inspiring to see them act as advisors and pass on their knowledge to these up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

3. Enjoy the super intense elimination rounds

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Do you know the feeling when the judges call out two of your favourite contestants, and you aren't sure if they're safe or eliminated? Well, you'll get to experience that every single week with 'BizSmart Challenge 2018'!

4. Watch what happens when strong personalities clash

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With the clock ticking, will arguments cause the teams to crumble apart, or will it bring everyone closer together? This TV series shows you what to expect in real-life business settings and encourages teamwork—how to play on each person's strengths.

5. Check out all the creative ideas the contestants come up with, and how they pitch it to the judges

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In 'BizSmart Challenge 2018', it's not just about coming up with a creative idea, but also convincing the judges to buy into the concept. Learn how to present and think on your feet by watching these contestants in stressful situations.

6. Gain valuable insights from the panel of judges

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Hear from some of Malaysia's top industry leaders, such as:

  • Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin, Chairman of Eco World Development Group Berhad
  • Ernest Kwong, Executive Vice President, Head of Group SME at Alliance Bank
  • Malek Ali, Founder of BFM 89.9

7. Catch our next generation of Malaysian talents in action

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What's cool about 'BizSmart Challenge 2018' is that it features our very own Malaysian entrepreneurs, who are already running businesses—Kelly Low, founder of Breakout, and Mandy Leong, Director of Chriszen.

Every contestant has a hunger to succeed, and genuinely tries their best for each challenge, which makes the TV series entertaining to watch.

The 'BizSmart Challenge 2018' is now airing on Astro Awani (CH 501) every Saturday at 9pm and AXN (CH 721) every Friday at 8.05pm

Tune in to watch the episodes on Astro, but if you missed the previous ones, you can still catch up by watching them on the Astro Awani website. There will be a special live finale episode to reveal the winners of this year’s 'BizSmart Challenge', so make sure to stay tuned!

Who will make it through to become Malaysia's next top entrepreneur and take home RM250,000? Keep watching the 'BizSmart Challenge 2018' to find out!

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