79-Year-Old Woman Fulfills Lifelong Dream By Travelling To Every Country In The World

She completed her last stop in Serbia on 9 November.

Cover image via @luisa_yu14 (Instagram)

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79-year-old Luisa Yu, who was born in the Philippines, has fulfilled her lifelong goal to visit every country in the world.

She has covered 193 countries, to be exact.

Luisa initially moved to St Louis in the US as an exchange student before relocating to Miami for the warmer climate.

Her love for travelling began in her 20s, when she travelled to "almost all 45 states in the US", she told NBC6.

For the following 50 years, she travelled to as many countries as possible. And at the age of 79, she made it to Serbia, the final destination on her list.

Luisa with Asmat tribes in Papua New Guinea.

Image via @luisa_yu14 (Instagram)

An inspiration to many, the Filipino-American globetrotter advises those who want to travel to not be afraid, and just go.

"Don't wait for anybody, because if you wait, it will never happen," she said.

From getting up close and personal with crocodiles in West Africa to hiking in Madagascar, Luisa has proven that age is just a number.

Though she finds it difficult to pick her favourite country, she shared that Italy, Philippines, and Thailand are some of her top choices.

Luisa with the Mundari tribe in South Sudan.

Image via @luisa_yu14 (Instagram)

Luisa, who turns 80 in just a few months, feels content with all that she's accomplished

Having visited all those countries, she has met countless of people along the way who affectionately refer to her as "Mama".

Her travels have also earned her two awards in 2022: the Nomad Mania Award for being the most positive traveller and the Most Adventure Explorer Award from the Global Explorer in the Philippines.

"I did fulfill my dream. I was able to buy a house on my own. I was able to travel on my own. I'm just happy. I want to thank all the people that have been so nice and kind to me," she expressed.

Well done, Luisa! You're a true inspiration.

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