8 Online Stores That Sell Baju Raya Perfect For The Minimalist In You

So simple but oh so stylish!

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Raya is on the way and just because we have to get accustomed to the new normal, doesn't mean that we can't do it in style

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Although we can't step outside to look for the perfect Eid outfit, fret not!

These indie brands sell baju Raya online that are perfect for the minimalist in you:

1. Anaabu

Anaabu's latest baju Raya range has minimalism written all over it.

According to their website, this collection carries six pairs of practical feminine outfits and three pairs of functional unisex pieces.

Now you can take matching baju Raya to the next level by wearing the same pieces as your partner!

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2. Oh Sebenar

This year, Oh Sebenar is doing things a bit differently by not releasing a new Eid collection.

Instead, they're encouraging customers to purchase pieces from their previous Raya collections by offering a generous 50% discount.

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3. Totomi

Totomi prides on being a local minimalist fashion label that caters to both men and women.

From 20 April to 31 May, the brand will be donating a whopping 50% of their proceeds to Yayasan Juwita x Project Fearless.

These organisations will then use the funds to help the less fortunate and buy food for low-income families across Malaysia.

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4. Bambina

Based in Selangor, Bambina Bambino is a clothing brand that focuses on making breathable and stylish pieces for mums and their little ones.

They got their name from season 15 of Grey's Anatomy where one particular character kept calling little girls 'Bambina'.

Their pieces are perfect for women who want to stay comfortable while looking on point throughout Hari Raya.

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5. Elda

Elda is a contemporary fashion label based in Singapore, but they ship internationally. You can even change the prices on their website to match your country's currency.

To reduce waste, their collections are produced in limited quantities. Their latest Eid collection features a handful of sleek baju kurung designs, leaving you spoiled for choice.

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6. Whimsigirl

Whimisigirl is no stranger in the Malaysian fashion industry. Founded in 2010, the brand strives to produce clothes that will empower women to be comfortable in their own skin.

Although their best-selling picnic suit is not your typical baju kurung, it can still be pulled off as a gorgeous Raya outfit.

It come in various sizes from XS to XXL and the pieces from the set can be worn separately with other tops or bottoms.

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7. Petit Moi

Petit Moi creates fashion pieces for men, women, and even children. You can get baju Raya for the whole family from just one place!

The foundation of their brand is refined simplicity and their latest Eid collection features muted tones and clean lines on linen fabric.

Besides their website, you can also purchase their pieces from Zalora.

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8. Sueka Sueka

With a tagline that reads, 'Made for serial outfit repeaters', you just know that Sueka Sueka is practical and super wearable.

A lot of their designs are meant to be versatile and they can be worn repeatedly with other pieces.

One thing that caught our attention is the fact that their baju kurung tops have convenient pockets to hold all your duit Raya!

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Here are other homegrown businesses that could use your support:

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