8 Different Types Of Food That Are Secretly Constipating Us All

These types of food could very well be the culprit behind your constipated days...

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1. Chocolate. Yes! Your favourite dessert could be one of the main culprits that can cause constipation. Don't fret, as there are other studies that suggests that chocolate may actually help some people.

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There’s some evidence that chocolate can cause constipation, though other studies show chocolate may actually help some people, Dr. Park says. In one 2005 study, people with chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome were more likely than people without those problems to say that chocolate caused constipation (as did bananas and black tea).

2. Dairy products. Having a high dairy diet such as cheese and milk can slow down your digestion. Ensure that you cut down on such foods or mix them with foods that contain fibre.

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A diet high in cheese and other low-fiber/high-fat foods such as eggs and meat can slow down your digestion. The obvious solution? Cut down on your intake of such foods, and increase fiber intake to 20 to 35 grams a day.

Eating a kiwi fruit following a meal has been linked to improved digestion and a reduction in the feeling of ‘overfullness and discomfort’, according to scientists.
The exotic fruit has been found to contain a unique compound which helps to digest proteins found in red meat, dairy and fish.

3. Red meat. There are a few reasons to avoid eating a lot of red meat. It's high in fat and contains tough protein fibres. This makes it longer for your stomach to digest.

There are plenty of reasons not to eat a lot of red meat. One is that eating a large portion of red meat can make you constipated. A number of things make red meat constipating, King says. It's high in fat, so it takes longer for the digestive tract to process it. It also has tough protein fibers that can be difficult for your stomach to digest. Also, red meat is rich in iron, which can be constipating. Kings advice: Limit your intake of red meat.

Actinidin is known as a protein digesting enzyme, and is naturally found in Kiwifruit. Research recently conducted at Massey University, used a simulated digestion model to assess the protein digesting abilities of the Kiwifruit Actinidin enzyme compared with a standard Pepsin enzyme. Results indicated that Actinidin digestion of proteins certainly exceeded that of standard pepsin protein digesting enzymes, and caused substantially greater protein breakdown.

4. Potato chips. Potato chips makes this list due that its always a replacement for a snack that is richer in fibre. It gives you the feeling that you're "full", similar to constipation

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Snacks such as potato chips make the list of constipating foods mainly because they almost always replace a snack or side dish that is richer in fiber. There's another issue at play here, too. "High-fat foods like potato chips cause delayed digestion, leading to a 'too-full' feeling that mirrors constipation," says Spielmann. For constipation relief, look for reduced-fat snack foods that contain whole grains to increase your fiber intake.

5. Cookies. Cookies are dangerous when it comes to constipation as it is low in fibre, low in fluid and high in fat. Always mix it up!

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Lyssie Lakatos, RD, registered dietician and one-half of the duo known as the Nutrition Twins says that cookies as well as other sources of refined carbohydrates like pastries, cakes, and many crackers, have three strikes against them when it comes to constipation — they're low in fiber, low in fluid, and high in fat.

6. Caffeine. All you coffee lovers, please take note! On one hand, caffeine is a stimulant that can regulate bowel movement but when you're dehydrated, caffeine can only make you more constipated

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Caffeine is a stimulant that can make have more bowel movements. But if you're dehydrated, you may find that the caffeine in coffee, black tea, and chocolate only makes you more constipated.

7. Bananas. Possibly the most surprising entry on this list. You may think "What? I always thought bananas are good laxatives?" Well you're both right and wrong. Unripe bananas cause constipation whereas ripe bananas relieves it.

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Bananas are a conundrum when it comes to constipation foods to avoid. It's a matter of timing: Unripe bananas can cause constipation; Ripe bananas can help relieve constipation. Green bananas cause constipation because they still have a lot of starch, which can be hard for the body to digest. Bananas also contain pectin (fiber) that draws water from the intestines toward the stool. "So if someone is already dehydrated, this can only [worsen] the problem," King says.

8. Rice. Although rice in itself is healthy, it is the process of turning it into white rice that makes it a source of constipation. "What! Does this mean no more banana leaf rice?" If possible, opt for brown rice. It has the opposite effect of white rice and helps with digestion.

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White rice is the main culprit you’ll want to focus your attention on if you’re looking to prevent incidences of constipation. Rice starts off healthy enough, but to make it white rice they do away with husk, germ, and bran that it contains, and then put it through a polishing process so it comes out nice and white. Unfortunately this removes the parts of rice that are best for the human body. Going with brown rice has the opposite effect, as brown rice is one of the foods that can help with constipation. It’s a source of whole grains and contains more fiber than you’ll find in white rice.

"Er so how ah? How do I make sure I don't get constipated?"

Make sure that you exercise to boost your health! Besides that, ensure that you always have sufficient intake of fluid at all times...

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How? Eat fruits high in fibre such as the kiwifruit. Did you know that one medium kiwifruit has about 2.5 grams of fibre and important nutrients?

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