8 Unexpected Moments When An Upgrade Can Make Your Day

C'mon, who doesn't love an upgrade that gives a bigger bang for your buck?

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1. You have a flight to catch. When you check in, you're told that you've been upgraded to business class!

2. You touchdown after a flight and queue at the immigration counter. It's a long line but an officer directs you to the VIP lane. YAY!

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No lines, no waiting, just awesome.

3. After a long flight, you’ve finally arrived at the hotel. During check-in, they upgrade you to a suite! Sweet indeed!

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4. It’s lunch time and you just want to stay in. You order a regular pizza but when the pizza delivery guy comes, you get an extra large pizza! Win!

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5. It's a hot day. You scream for ice cream! The kind cashier gives you one extra scoop and pile on the toppings!

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6. You go to the movies and purchase a regular ticket. When you get to the ticket checking counter, your ticket was upgraded to a gold class ticket! SCORE!

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7. It's dinner time and your tummy grumbles for mamak food. Your roti tisu finally comes and it's way bigger than you expected. Ah... Malaysian food never disappoints.

8. You've been waiting for the music festival of the year since forever. You managed to get the cheapest tickets. When you get there, your name was randomly announced to be upgraded to the VIP section! YAASSSSSSS!

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