Taking Bird Poop Seriously And 7 Other Car Tips Every Adult Should Know By Now

With a nice car comes great responsibility. These steps will save you precious time and money.

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1. Take bird poop very seriously

We love parking under trees to protect our cars from the scorching hot sun but beware because things could go horribly wrong if we choose to park under the wrong tree! Do you know that bird droppings are acidic in nature which could ruin your car paint if we leave them unattended for more than 48 hours?

Always check for bird droppings and make sure to clean it away immediately or it could leave cracks on your spotless car paint.

2. Keep all of your car receipts. Every single one of them.

Always have the nagging feeling that you're overpaying for car service? Or that it feels like you've just changed your car battery 'not too long ago'? Well, it's not uncommon that Malaysians have had bad experience with car workshops.

Keeping all the receipts after every service and repair are important to keep track of how much you've spent and when your car parts were changed. With the historical records in our hands, you can judge if the workshop supplies you lasting, quality products as promised and also helps you compare prices between workshops.

3. Learn basic but important car fixing skills

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According to Murphy's Law, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. And that includes punctured tyres, a dead car battery, car overheating, etc.

The good news is that these problems are not as terrifying as they seem. Just head over to YouTube and spend a good 30 minutes watching tutorials that will help you for a lifetime. Or you could ask your know-it-all friends to teach you a skill or two. When it comes to cars, ignorance is never bliss.

4. Always be prepared. Your car could break down anywhere.

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Imagine yourself driving to Genting Highlands at night with your significant other and your car breaks down in the middle of the Karak highway. Quite scary, isn't it?

Always keep contacts of your trusty mechanic, tow-truck drivers or subscribe to a car breakdown assistance service to help you get out of trouble at the most unexpected times.

5. Don't drive too fast and recklessly

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Sure, driving fast helps arrive at a destination quickly. However, apart from that, there aren't many more upsides to driving fast all the time.

First of all, it increases the chance of you getting into accidents as you will have less time to react during close calls. Secondly, driving fast accelerates the wear and tear of your car because it puts an enormous amount of stress on your car - especially to the engine, tyre and brakes.

Hence, you would have to spend more money to maintain your car. Don't forget notorious potholes too, which are so common on Malaysian roads. They could puncture your tyres and cause serious damage to the suspension.

It is always better to drive slow(er), and steady.

6. Clean your car at least once in two weeks. Don't forget to vacuum too.

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Imagine picking your friends up and their hands get stained when they open your car door. How comfortable would your passengers be with food crumbs and odour from your car seats?

If you can shower every day, you can take your car for a wash every two weeks. How you do anything is how you do everything. It's all about the care and effort you put into take care of your car as much as you put into taking care of yourself.

7. Send your car for service on time

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Some drivers tend to procrastinate and do not send their cars for service until an issue arises. Remember folks, prevention is always better than cure.

It's good practice to send your car for regular check-ups to prevent your car from breaking down abruptly. Visit a good workshop and get the mechanic to check the common culprits that are causing your car to break down such as the battery, alternator, air filter, timing belt, spark plug, brakes, and tyre conditions.

8. Use only high quality car oil for your car

Shell Helix

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One of the most commonly overlooked areas by car drivers is the quality of motor oil used, as we usually go with whatever oil that's recommended by our friends or mechanic. However, using a high quality car oil is important to protect against wear and corrosion, saving money by reducing maintenance costs and extends the life of your car engine. Always give yourself a peace of mind by choosing the right motor oil brand and the quality of oil used to lubricate your engine.

Shell Helix Ultra for example, cleans your engine for better engine performance, smoother driving and improves pick-up speed. If you take care of your car’s heart, it will take care of you!

To learn more about what Shell Helix Ultra can do for your car, find out more here.

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