We Spent 88 Minutes Watching The Longest CNY Ad Ever And Here's What We Found

See how many '88' easter eggs you can spot in the video!

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When people talk about Chinese New Year ads, you usually think about heartwarming videos that will bring you to tears

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However, Hotlink is breaking expectations this year with its 88-minute CNY video that has never been done before

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If you've been guilty of laying on your couch and watching YouTube videos for hours, you'll definitely be able to relate this video! Unlike your usual tearjerker or cheesy Chinese New Year ads, Hotlink is giving viewers an insider's perspective to the day in the life of a young teenage boy and his interactions at home.

For instance, have you come across typical nosy aunties who love to ask you questions and talk non-stop?

Well, the main character in the video has a pro tip for you, which is to...

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... create a cutout of yourself the next time your aunty visits!

You'll get to meet his interesting family members too, like his dad—who actually turns out to be a feng shui master

Aside from the 88-minute video, there are also short 24-second videos from the family's point of view. It's like a video-ception, with multiple short videos within one long video.

And what's a family without a little drama? Find out why the main character's girlfriend gets frustrated at him

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When your girlfriend asks you to do something, it's usually not a suggestion. :P

Turns out, she just wanted help for her CNY nail art video:

Of course, you can't miss the moment a whole lion dance troop storms his house in the middle of his nap!

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Imagine waking up from your afternoon nap to that!

Plus, we especially loved his cute mother teaching viewers how to make yee sang at home

If you pay close attention, you'll find many '88' easter eggs littered throughout the video

Image via Hotlink
Image via Hotlink

Look out for the number '88', whether it's on ang pow packets, T-shirts, or random objects in the house. Challenge your friends and family to see how many you can spot throughout the video!

And there you go, these are just a couple of highlights in the 88-minute long video, but watch through the entire thing and tell us what else you managed to find!

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