9 Must-Have Kitchen Tools Under RM100 That Are Practical & Can Help Save Time

To make your life easier.

Cover image via WOWSHOP & buymall

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Looking for kitchen tools that are not only functional, but can also save you time?

Whether you're looking to improve your cooking skills, reduce clutter, or cut down on prep time, using practical tools will definitely make spending time in the kitchen fun and productive. 

Plus, with everyone working or studying at home now, having the right tools can ultimately save you time and energy. 

Check out these practical kitchen tools you confirm wanna buy:

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1. GTE Multifunction Double Layer Rotating Seasoning Storage Tray – RM42.90 - RM51.90

Image via WOWSHOP

Ever had to susah-payah dig through your cupboard just to find an ingredient or snack? Haishh, waste time summore. With this two-layer rotating kitchen shelf rack, you can reach out for the condiment or snack you want in a jiffy.

Other than storing it in your cupboard, the rack also makes a nice addition to your kitchen counter. Keep your kitchen looking neat and minimalistic by using it to save space and reduce clutter.

You can get it from WOWSHOP here.

2. Maidronic Rechargeable Food Processor – RM45 - RM69

Image via WOWSHOP

Let's admit it – prepping ingredients often takes up more time compared to the actual cooking itself, right? 

If you're looking to get started on cooking quickly, check out this compact rechargeable food processor that lets you chop or blend garlic, ginger, and onions, among other things. 

It's easy to set up with no need for a power outlet at all. Just gotta make sure it's charged. Also, you can apparently use it for up to a month if you charge the processor for three hours.

You can get it from WOWSHOP here

3. Khind 1.2L Multi Cooker MC12S – RM80 - RM87

Image via Carousell

This mini multi-cooker is especially great if you're looking to cook for just yourself. Its size is perfect for small or single portions, and it comes with a handle, in case you wanna makan from the pot directly. :p

From steaming dumplings to boiling soup, and even cooking rice and noodles, the versatile Khind Multi Cooker can cook a variety of dishes with minimal effort and mess.

You can get it on Youbeli or Qoo10

4. GTE Multifunction Foldable Kitchen Sink Cutting Chopping Board With Basket – RM18 - RM35.90

Image via WOWSHOP

With this multi-function chopping board that comes with a basket, you can chop your vegetables, fruits, or meat without dirtying your kitchen counter. 

By placing the board over the sink, you can add your chopped items to the basket, which drains excess water directly into the sink. Once you're done, just detach the basket and add the ingredients into your kuali. Easy, right? 

Additionally, the chopping board is foldable, so it can be stored easily without taking up much space.

You can get it from WOWSHOP or Youbeli

5. Maidronic Nordic Design 10kg Multipurpose Rice Bucket – RM49

Image via WOWSHOP

This convenient container comes with a transparent indicator, so you can monitor just how much rice you have left.

What's cool about the container is that it can be tightly sealed to prevent air and bugs from entering. And it's super easy to remove the lid too, just press the button, and voilà, it'll automatically open.

The container also has a small compartment on top of it to store items like dry chilli, garlic, star anise, or whatever you like, so that it'll keep your food fresh and aromatic.

You can get it from WOWSHOP here.

6. Multi-function Kitchen Utensil Holder – RM6.43 - RM28.18

Image via buymall

If you're looking for a holder to place your ladle, spatula, or chopsticks while your dish is simmering, check out this multi-function utensil holder. 

Thanks to its many placeholders, you can place multiple utensils on it without the need for bowls or sauce plates. Soup boiling and you need to remove the pot lid? You can also position your lid upright on the holder, which is great as it avoids dirtying your kitchen with condensed liquid from the lid. 

You can get it from buymall here

7. IDROP Pressure Pump Bottle Nozzle Dispenser – RM18.90

Image via buymall

This cool tool lets you pump seasonings or sauces without the need to actually shake or tilt the bottle.

The pump dispenser has two different mouth sizes – 2.9cm and 3.4cm to fit your bottle. Other than that, according to the supplier, if the pump dispenser is too long to fit your bottle, you can snip the tube to the appropriate length, and it'll work just fine.

You can get it from buymall here.

8. Maidronic Air Fryer Silicone Basket – RM48.90 - RM59.90

Image via Balsang

Check out this reusable and eco-friendly silicone basket, which can be placed into your air fryer. Designed to help you avoid the hassle of cleaning the air fryer, this silicone basket traps all the oil and mess, so that you only need to wash the basket after cooking. 

It also comes with multiple holes that allow the air fryer's hot air to be distributed evenly, while also separating the excess oil from the food. Best of all, it's microwaveable and oven-safe! 

There are two different sizes – 16cm and 19cm, both of which can only fit into air fryer baskets that are at least 2.5 litres. 

You can get it from WOWSHOP here.

9. Dish Rack With Drain Board – RM19.24

Image via buymall

It gets quite mafan to have to manually drain the excess water after drying your dishes, right? This dish rack comes with a draining tray, so that excess water from your wet plates and cutlery will immediately flow to your sink. If you need to save space, you can also remove the tray and place the dish rack directly over the sink.

You can get it from buymall here

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