A Day In The Life Of A Malaysian Who Does Not Celebrate Christmas

While not everyone celebrates Christmas here in Malaysia (well, not officially anyway), it's still a whole day off for us to utilise to its full potential. ;)

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1. Sleep in 'til it's super late in the day, because it's a public holiday and you don't have to go to work or go to school!

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At least, until the sun's rays pokes our eyes open. Or until you need to pee or your stomach starts rumbling in hunger.

2. When you're finally fully awake, you decide to go to the shopping mall because you have nothing better to do... only to be faced with a traffic jam of epic proportions. No matter, this is a war that can yet be won!

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3. Engage in a fierce battle for limited parking spaces with countless others mall-goers... and more cars are pouring in! When will this madness end?!

4. Bravely plunge yourself into the jam-packed horde of people in the shopping mall of your choosing. You finally know what it feels like to be a canned sardine.

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5. Santa may not be shimmying down your chimney, but that doesn't mean you can't buy a Christmas gift for yourself. It could be something small like a box of chocolates, or you can finally get that tablet you've been wanting all year!

6. Insist on taking a picture with the Christmas decorations despite the ever-growing crowd, because you are NOT going back without some photographic evidence of your festive battle win

7. Spend the entire day trying to beat that one level you can never get past on Candy Crush

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8. Test your mettle with a movie marathon or by binge-watching all four seasons of Game of Thrones. Or any TV show really, because...

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9. Get together with like-minded friends for "Christmas dinner", because that's what Americans always do on TV, right?

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10. Make a special appearance at the Christmas party your friend invited you to. Oh wait, you weren't invited? How about CRASHIN' A PAAARTAAAYYY?!

11. At the end of a superbly exciting day, take a nice, looooonnnggg bath... just because you can!

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Shopping malls in Malaysia never fail to go all out with their decorations come Christmas, with some drawing inspiration from upcoming movies for this year's themes:

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