A Father Who Begs For A Living Shares His Story About Buying A New Dress For His Daughter

Hossain begs for a living because of his circumstances.

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A parent's love for their children knows no limit

They do everything they can to bring their children happiness.

A story of one such father and his unconditional love for his children has been doing the rounds on social media, touching countless people's heart since 5 April.

The story is of a man named MD Kawsar Hossain, a father of two who begs for a living.

Hossain begs for a living because of his circumstances

"Yes, I am a beggar. Ten years ago, I had never thought in my nightmares that I would have to live by begging from people," Hossain says while talking to a photojournalist.

He recounts about the fateful night when in a major accident, the bus he was travelling in, fell from a bridge. While he survived, the accident cost him his right arm. Physically disabled to take up any job, Hossain had to resort to begging to feed his family.

Image via GMB Akash

"My son often asks me where had I left my other hand. And my daughter feeds me every day by saying she knows how difficult it is to do all the work with one hand."

His daughter even stays by his side when he's on the streets begging.

"I feel shame while she looks at me when I lend my one hand to others. But she never leaves me alone," he says, adding that because she fears for his life.

Despite being a beggar, a helpless Hossain, like any other father, wants to provide his children with every joy he can

While he has to struggle for even the smallest of things, Hossain has not bowed down to life's harsh circumstances. He admits that while it is difficult to send his children to school, he is educating them to the best of his efforts.

He also wants to provide them with things, spend time with them, and make good memories. His disability may have made him a beggar, but his heart's in the right place.

Last week was one such day when he got to make a good memory. Hossain bought his daughter a brand new dress.

He saved up enough money in the last two years he made from begging in order to buy a new dress for his daughter, Sumaiya.

"While I handed 60 pieces of five rupee note (totalling to about RM21) to the seller, he yelled at me by saying if I am a beggar," recounted Hossain.

"My daughter held my hand and cried to leave the shop by saying that she did not want to buy any dress," he added.

He then took her out to the park to play

"After two years my daughter is wearing a new dress, that’s why today I brought her with me to play for some time. Maybe, I will not be able to earn anything today, but I wanted to roam around with my little girl," Hossain told the photojournalist in India.

"Today my daughter is very happy. Today this father is not a beggar. Today this father is a king and here is his princess," reads the post on GMB Akash's FB page, where it has gone viral, receiving over 63K Reactions and more than 19K Shares.

Image via GMB Akash

You can check out the full post on GMK Akash's page

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