Football Fans, Check Out The New Adidas UEFA Champions Edition Fragrance & Body Care Range

The fragrance comes in an iconic UEFA Champions League blue bottle with elegant silver accents.

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Football fans, if you've been following the UEFA Champions League 2021/2022, things have been heating up, amirite? :O

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All the drama, all the goals, all the highlights, that's what makes it the beautiful game!

Around the world, those who live for football know that some of the most iconic moments in sports come from the highest levels of preparation. For players to perform at their best on the biggest arenas, they have to feel confident and energised, both on and off the pitch.

To keep you on top of your game, Adidas has introduced the all-new Champions Edition, an official UEFA Champions League line of fragrance and body care products, woahhh!

Image via Adidas

Inspired by the true spirit of competition, the Adidas UEFA Champions Edition range was developed with top athletes themselves. In fact, these innovative body care products have been crafted to ensure exceptional hygiene and body protection in the most extreme conditions.

Imagine your favourite players during intense match time settings or euphoric post-game celebrations — Adidas UEFA Champions Edition was designed to keep them (and you) fresh at all times, fueling the excitement and enhancing every exhilarating emotion.

Here's a closer look at the Adidas UEFA Champions Edition range:

1. Exude the aura and fragrance of a champion with the long-lasting Eau de Parfum, which comes in a limited edition bottle

For the first time, in partnership with the UEFA Champions League, Adidas has launched an intense Eau de Parfum, created for the most epic plays and exceptional football experiences.

2X more concentrated than their signature Eau de Toilette, Adidas' brand new Eau de Parfum offers a longer-lasting wear, along with a signature scent elevated by quality ingredients like patchouli and sage.

Channelling football's dynamic energy, the invigorating fragrance opens with a fresh, aromatic fusion of sparkling lemonade accord, the clean scent of lavender, and the aroma of green violet leaves. The heart reveals a juicy apple note that's set against refined cashmeran and vibrant clary sage for a bold, masculine sensation. Finally, a trail of warm vanilla and smoked, earthy patchouli completes the memorable fragrance of champions.

Besides that, the Eau de Parfum comes in a limited edition bottle that's lacquered with the iconic UEFA Champions League blue, featuring elegant silver accents for an impactful high-end finish.

Image via Adidas

If you prefer the classic range, you can still opt for the signature Eau de Toilette. Featuring the vibrant Adidas UEFA Champions Edition fragrance, these products allow you to enjoy time off the pitch with fresh confidence. Look out for the stylish core blue packaging with hints of bright blue!

2. Stay cool, clean, and confident with the new Adidas UEFA Champions Edition 48H Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray

Star performance demands superior pre-game prep and post-match recovery — this applies to your everyday life too, whether you're getting ready for a big client meeting or hanging out with friends.

The new 48H Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray delivers long-lasting protection against sweat and odour. And with its immediate cooling sensation and focus-enabling fresh scent, you can keep a clear head during intense moments.

Plus, it's good to know that this dermatologically tested formula is suitable for active skin and daily use. It's also free from alcohol, so you won't have to worry about skin irritations.

The 150ml bottle comes in a unique UEFA Champions League blue bottle, with a hint of cyan for that extra pop of flair and style.

Image via Adidas

Similarly, you can get the classic version of the Adidas UEFA Champions Edition deodorant spray that comes in core blue packing with hints of bright blue. Thanks to the cooling sensation and enduring fragrance, you can feel confident and stay fresh throughout the day!

3. Refresh and hydrate your skin with this 2-in-1 body and hair shower gel

What's unique about the Adidas UEFA Champions Edition 2-in-1 Body and Hair Shower Gel is that it not only helps you to cool off, but also replenishes your skin's moisture. This makes it great for post-game showers or after a long, sweaty workout at the gym.

The dermatologist-tested formula is suitable for your skin's pH value, and is perfect for daily usage on active skin.

Similar to the deodorant spray, this product comes in a distinctive UEFA Champions League blue bottle, with a cyan accent to convey dynamic freshness.

Image via Adidas

Ready to start and get through your day with confidence? Shop for the Adidas UEFA Champions Edition fragrance and body care range on Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and Watsons today!

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