6 Platforms Where You Can Get Affordable Online Medical Consultations

Get your health checked safely from the comfort of your home.

Cover image via Healthcare & Sunway Medical Centre Velocity/CodeBlue

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1. Doctor Anywhere Malaysia

Doctor Anywhere Malaysia is a 24/7 virtual clinic where you can consult locally-licensed doctors over video calls on demand. They also deliver the medication to your doorstep within three hours in the cities listed on their website.

The app-based virtual clinic is suitable for anyone with common illnesses that do not require urgent medical attention. However, patients below the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent during the video consultation.

Consultation with General Practitioner: RM22
Consultation for Mental Wellness: RM140 (one hour session)

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2. DoctorOnCall

DoctorOnCall is Malaysia's first and largest digital healthcare platform that offers you the opportunity to consult with doctors and make appointments with specialists via chat, audio, or video calls.

Operating everyday from 8am to 12am, they also provide affordable online pharmacy services, where you can receive your medications within two to four hours. Currently, they are also providing COVID-19 testing services and care kits.

Consultation with a General Practitioner: RM19.90
Consultation with a Specialist: From RM80

+603-84082000 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

3. WhatsDoc Malaysia

WhatsDoc Malaysia is a digital healthcare app that offers you 24/7 remote healthcare and real-time medical consultation through chat, audio, or video consultations to help you out with non-urgent healthcare conditions.

They also provide a variety of other healthcare services. However, individuals below the age of 18 must be registered under their parent or guardian's app and must be accompanied by them during the consultation at all times.

Fees start as low as RM5 per 20-minute consultation by a specialist. However, it varies depending on:
1. Office work hours and after hours
2. Currency of the country the healthcare professionals are practising
3. Medium of consultation (chat, audio or video consult)
4. General Practitioner or Specialist

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4. TeleMe

Available throughout Klang Valley, TeleMe is a 24/7 online platform that allows you to connect with doctors via video consultation for non-emergency medical services.

They also have a built-in system that reminds you of when to take your medication and other health-related appointments. Apart from that, health screenings and Waze directions to the nearest clinics are also provided on the TeleMe app.

Consultations are mostly free-of-charge but are subjected to:
1. Medical practitioner
2. Area
3. Type of specialisation

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5. Doc2Us

Doc2Us is an app that allows you to contact a doctor or any healthcare professional via text messaging at anytime and from anywhere.

Apart from the common non-emergency medical assistance, they also offer e-pharmacy, COVID-19 testing, and vaccination services.

Doc2Us allows you to connect to your HealthKit or Google Fit, which enables their doctors to understand and tailor better personalised care for you.

The fees differ according to timing:

8.30am - 11.59pm
Family Doctors: RM20
Specialists: RM40
Pharmacists: RM10
Dietitians/Nutritionists: RM10

12am - 7.59am
Family Doctors: RM30
Specialists: RM50
Pharmacists: RM20
Dietitians/Nutritionists: RM20

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6. Speedoc

Speedoc brings hospital-level care to your home with services such as video consultation, house call doctors or nurses, medication delivery, and ambulance service.

They also provide home nursing caregivers, health screening, and COVID-19 testing services, all available for booking within their app.

Video consultations: From RM30* for 30 minutes
House call nurses: From RM70
House call doctors: From RM200
Ambulance services: From RM250

*If condition requires same-day follow-up by house call doctors, cost of video consultation will be waived.

+6011-41661178 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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