You Can Earn Money From Selling These 20 Types Of Recyclable Waste To Alam Flora

From e-waste to used cooking oil, you can drop it off at their Buy Back Centres or 3R On Wheels lorries.

Cover image via New Atlas/safety4sea (Edited by SAYS)

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While some of us may remember selling old newspapers to the 'paper lama' motorcylist, these days you can simply walk up to Alam Flora and do it instead

Solid waste management company Alam Flora recently shared on Facebook about its recycling initiative for domestic waste.

"Alam Flora receives recyclable items to be exchanged for cash through 3R On Wheels and Buy Back Centres near you," the post read.

The centres and lorries will buy-back 20 types of recyclables

As of 2 December 2021, the prices are:

- Newspapers (RM0.40/kg)
- Magazines (RM0.30/kg)
- Black and white paper (RM0.35/kg)
- Boxes (RM0.45/kg)
- Mixed paper (RM0.25/kg)
- Aluminium (RM2/kg)
- Tin (RM0.30/kg)
- Plastic (RM0.40/kg)
- Tetrapak (RM0.25/kg)
- Used cooking oil (RM1.80/kg)
- Car battery (RM1/kg)
- CPU (RM5/unit)
- Monitor (RM4.50/unit)
- Notebook/laptop (RM4/unit)
- Server (RM15/unit)
- Television (RM4/unit)
- Refrigerator (RM4.50/unit)
- Microwave (RM1/unit)
- Vacuum (RM1/unit)

However, the prices are not permanent and may change according to market rates.

The Buy Back centres can be found in Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, and Kuala Lumpur

Here's the full list of Buy Back Centres.

Follow the Alam Flora Facebook and Twitter pages for the 3R On Wheels schedule.

Here are more places that deserve your old or used items:

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