These Jobs Have Been Abolished From Australia's 457 Visa For Foreign Skilled Workers

There are over 95,000 foreign workers currently working in Australia on the 457 visa.

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The Australian government on 18 April abolished the 457 visa scheme and replaced it with two new visas: a short-term visa for two years, and a "medium-term" four-year visa.

The 457 visa scheme allowed foreign workers to fill jobs in Australia in 651 occupations. However, with the elimination of the old visa, 216 occupations have been removed from the list and access to a further 59 other occupations have been made restricted.

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Now, among the jobs that foreign workers cannot apply for in Australia are goat farmers, sail makers, antique dealers, migration agents, call centre managers, shearers or actors

Currently, there are over 95,000 foreign workers working in Australia on the 457 visa. But these foreign workers will not be affected by the changes and will be able to continue their stay in Australia under the terms of their current 457 visa scheme.

While employers can still sponsor migrants on a 457 visa until March 2018, the jobs available for sponsorship have been reduced from 651 to 435 jobs effective 19 April 2017

Apart from slashing the number of occupations covered by the old 457 visa scheme, the Australian government will also introduce a mandatory police check, tougher English language requirements for the two new visa schemes.

While the visa restrictions will hit potential immigrants from India particularly hard, a handful number of immigrants from Malaysians will be affected by it too.

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Here's the full list of occupations that the Australian government has removed from the 457 visa scheme:


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