Amber Chia, Nora Danish & Malaysian Women Are Saying #Yes2NoMakeUp. Will You Do It Too?

International Women's Day is coming up, and these Malaysian women want to show you that the "perfect selfie" does not necessarily require immaculate make-up and digital enhancements.

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Posting a selfie on social media truly is a big deal these days. Some girls go to great lengths in perfecting their makeup and have even taken to editing their self-taken photos so as to capture the "perfect selfie".

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In a new survey, despite over two thirds (66 per cent) of female respondents thinking it's wrong for magazines to edit pictures, over half (57 per cent) admitted to regularly editing their own social media pictures to enhance their appearance, like slimming down their thighs, flattening their tummies and perfecting their skin.

Hence, in conjunction with International Women's Day, LINE has launched the #Yes2nomakeup initiative to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty... by uploading selfies without make-up on social media!

Having kicked off on 8 February, the initiative will go on until International Women's Day on 8 March 2015. For every no make-up selfie uploaded on social media, LINE will be donating RM0.50 to the All Women’s Action Society Malaysia (AWAM).

In tandem with raising awareness on gender equality, the campaign also aims to advocate the idea that women are beautiful just the way they are - no embellishments or digital enhancements required

Some Malaysian celebrities - Nora Danish, Amber Chia and Soo Wincci included - have also joined in the fun by posting au naturale selfies on their own social media platforms

Guys aren't exactly avid users of make-up, but that's not stopping them from supporting the initiative!

What better reason to take selfies than to do it for a good cause, right? Here's how you can be a part of the #Yes2nomakeup movement:

1. Download the B612 selfie app (available on iOS and Android).
2. Using the B612 app, take a selfie wearing a white T-shirt and without any make-up on.
NOTE: Only selfies with the B612 watermark will be counted as part of the donation. Refer to the photo below.
3. Upload your selfies onto your social networking sites, like Facebook and Instagram, with the #yes2nomakeup hashtag.
4. Nominate THREE friends to participate and spread the word about the movement!

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