IGOTW: Andrea Chong's Fashion Folio Of #OOTD Done Right And More Inspiring Visuals

In this week's IGOTW, we step into the world of Andrea Chong who not only hosts her own fashion webisode-series, but also has a killer Instagram account!

Cover image via Andrea Chong's Instagram

Andrea Chong needs no introduction to many. The Singaporean fashionista is well-known in the region for her acquired taste in fashion and down-to-earth personality. Besides hosting her own webisode series subscribed by over 2,000 people, Andrea's Instagram gives her followers a more intimate glimpse into her life.

From helming a successful fashion webisode-series That F Word on to emceeing an exclusive showcase for Victoria Beckham at Marina Bay Sands, Andrea Chong manages to exude a confidence beyond her years and portray that visage of glamour that has won fans over from Singapore and around the region.

With over 170k followers, she's definitely creating an Insta presence like no other. You can feel Andrea's love for style in her beautifully framed shots...

... #OOTD done right

We won't be surprised if you chose her as your style inspiration

Besides fashion, her feed is filled with artistic shots of scenic locations from her travels

Being one of the most popular Instagrammers in Singapore and around the region, Andrea has some pretty good advice on how to keep posts fresh and fun

Do things you love and document them in the most genuine and happiest way possible. I find sharing pictures of activities I love doing (i.e. Travel, Picnics, Beach outings) resonates a lot with my followers, people can tell when you're enjoying or not enjoying yourself!

The question on everyone's mind - how did she get into the fashion scene?

My parents used to work in the fashion industry, so I've always been in tuned with the business side of fashion. Interestingly, because my parents were in fashion, I intentionally refused to work in any fashion-related jobs (Fun-fact: I dreamed of becoming a dentist). But life and irony come hand in hand, when I turned 19 I got approached to be a model, and the rest they say, is history.

Andrea's work has allowed her to travel to many different countries like Croatia and US

I loved Iceland, Morocco and Croatia. These places will forever have a place in my heart. I love going to 'non-conventional' places and showing people how different a particular country or place is so different from what they think of it to be. I'm all about breaking stereotypes when it comes to travel.

Here's a fun fact - Andrea was the emcee for Victoria Beckham's fashion showcase at Marina Bay Sands last year!

Image via senatus

She also hosts a successful fashion webisode-series called 'That F Word'

The 22-year-old literature student hopes to either go full-time on blogging and fashion or continue her Master's degree. Either way, pretty sure we'll see more of Andrea in the coming days!

I am studying Literature. When I finish, I am planning on taking Master’s Degree in Literature and then Law. Though I really want to blog full-time. We will see.

Andrea uploads photos on her Instagram account throughout the week, with an average of 6,000 likes each photo

For your daily dose of style and fashion inspirations, you can follow Andrea here on Instagram or check out her webisode-series here

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