From Failures To Awards, Andreas Vogiatzakis Shares It All In His New Book

'Courage at the Crossroads' will be available at all major Malaysian bookstores!

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Andreas Vogiatzakis, a well-known motivator and leader in Malaysian business and media circles, has just published a new book called Courage at the Crossroads

Travelling across the globe, this book details the captivating life decisions that forever changed his path.

Andreas was named one of the 100 Most Influential Digital Leaders in the Asia Pacific region in 2017, among many other honours. He was also named one of Malaysia's 100 most inspirational LinkedIn icons just last year.

The cool thing about Andreas is that his life began in Crete, a small village in Greece, but his work in advertising brought him all over the world. He had various stints in Japan and Taiwan before settling in Malaysia to lead several notable media organisations here, including the Omnicon, Havas, and Star Media Group.

During his tertiary education, Andreas dropped out of the prestigious Mathematics University of Athens at the age of 21 to pursue his passion for advertising at the University of Florida, where he graduated with a 4.0 GPA before making his career debut in DMB&M in New York City.

He resumed his illustrious advertising career after returning to Athens to complete his mandatory military service.

P.S. Did you know he was the first non-Malaysian CEO of Star Media Group? Cool!

Every page of this book contains little nuggets of wisdom taken from the first-hand account of Andreas' life

"Looking back at my life, I realised that there are certain principles to be learned on leadership, on courage, on decisions you have to take when you come to a crossroad, which we all do in life," says Andreas on his inspiration behind the book.

"It takes a certain level of courage to navigate these crossroads. And these learnings weren't from textbooks or manuals. What I learned, I learned from my own screw-ups, my failures, and my successes — it's a whole package.

"And that is essentially what got me starting to think about writing the book. I thought that if I can positively affect even one person's life with this book, then to me, it's a job well done — it would be definitely worth every effort to sit down and write it," he continued.

Andreas humbly believes that everybody has a great story to tell

"Sometimes, though, we're afraid. Sometimes, our self-limiting beliefs tell us that we're not good enough, or that our story's not good enough to share. The truth is, everybody has a great story, whether they realise it or not. Everybody has to, at some point, look back to understand and make sense of the future, to get more clarity into who we are.

"These are some of the things I hope people will think about when they read this book. I want to inspire them to look back and get inspired by their own stories. I want them to ask themselves, 'Why am I here? What are the values that drive me? What doesn't? How can I be better?' It all boils down to self-awareness, and that's what I want people to ultimately take away from this book," Andreas said.

Courage at the Crossroads will be available worldwide through Amazon, IngramSpark, and IHUB, as well as in all major bookstores in Malaysia

You can purchase the book here, and for a limited time only, you can pre-order or purchase the book at IHUB for RM55 to commemorate Andreas' 55th birthday (shipping not included).

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