Adult Acne And 6 Other Annoying Skin Problems Malaysians Deal With Every Day

You wish they'd just go away!

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Ever woken up to big, red pimple on your nose?

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It may just well be the worse day of your life. You wish you could stay at home and be invisible for 24 hours, and dread that you have to go meet your friends or colleagues. That’s why you put on an acne patch or concealer, but you can't help being super self-conscious whenever someone looks your way.

We’ve all been there—even as adults, we’re not immune to skin problems

In fact, there are certain skin conditions that may worsen with age. And while some of these problems may be genetic, others may be due to hygiene, allergies, and environmental factors. Therefore, it's important to identify what skin conditions you have, as well as the types of treatment and skin care products suitable for you.

Here are a few common problems faced by Malaysians and practical tips to help alleviate these conditions:

1. Adult Acne

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This is one of the most common skin conditions suffered by Malaysians adults. Acne or pimples do not necessarily disappear after puberty. In fact, some adults only get acne after growing older, and this can be due to many reasons, including hormones, stress, diet, or personal hygiene.

How to face it:

  • Take less sugar, because too much insulin could cause your pores to clog up
  • Stop touching your face and popping your pimples
  • Reduce your stress levels by having your beauty sleep
  • Use a double cleansing method each night for a deeper cleanse

2. Eczema

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Eczema is a common problem among Malaysians, and often causes your skin to become red, itchy, and inflamed. In bad cases, some people scratch themselves unknowingly until they bleed. People with eczema may also be super sensitive to soap, cosmetics, or germs in the air.

How to face it:

  • Use moisturising lotions to ease the itchiness and let your skin stay hydrated
  • Be aware of triggers that cause your eczema to flare up
  • Switch to fragrance-free skin care products and detergents
  • Stay away from sweat and dirt, and use gentle skin cleansers to keep your skin clean and dry

3. Heat Rash

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From afar, heat rash can look like beads of sweat, and can cause an itchy and prickly sensation. It is usually due to heat and humidity, which causes your sweat ducts to get clogged and results in inflammation.

How to face it:

  • Heat rash usually gets better once your body cools down
  • Try to prevent heat rash by wearing loose clothing and avoiding extreme heat
  • Consult a doctor if your heat rash persists or other symptoms appear like pain, increased swelling, or redness that does not go away

4. Hives

Hives is an outbreak of red bumps on the skin that can join together to form larger areas of swelling. This skin condition can be caused by, sunlight or unknown reasons, and is often triggered by common allergies like seafood, milk, and washing detergents.

How to face it:

  • The first step is to find the trigger that causes your hives to flare up
  • Doctors may prescribe an antihistamine to relieve your symptoms
  • Apply cold, wet cloths on the affected area to reduce swelling and itchiness
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes and try to stay in a cooling environment

5. Dark Spots

Dark spots are usually harmless, painless, and have the same texture as the rest of your skin. It is sometimes caused by sun exposure, and other times can be the lingering effects of past acne or the use of harsh skin care products. They can be lightened or removed with medicine or cosmetic procedures.

How to face it:

  • To prevent dark spots, apply sunscreen before going out into the sun
  • Use suitable skin care products for your skin type
  • Your doctor can prescribe medicine or cosmetic procedures like laser treatment to get rid of your dark spots

6. Dry Skin

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You've probably experienced dry skin at some point, which can be super annoying especially if your skin starts to crack or become flaky. Dry skin can be due to hot weather, too much air-conditioning, frequent swimming, harsh skin care products, or existing skin conditions. While dry skin is common, there are ways you can manage it.

How to face it:

  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
  • Use gentle skin cleansers and avoid harsh, scented skin care products
  • Slow down your use of scrubs to allow your skin to retain its natural oils
  • Stay away from excess heat, and use lukewarm water instead of steaming hot water when washing your face

7. Puffy Eyes

While we often associate puffy eyes or dark circles below the eyes with lack of sleep, it can also be caused by too much salt, dehydration, and aging. The puffiness comes from the accumulation of fluids in the skin, which explains why your eyes may look puffier in the morning—because you don't blink and circulate the fluids when you sleep.

How to face it:

  • Try out home remedies like placing cucumbers or cold tea bags over your eyes
  • Reduce salt intake and drink enough water
  • Get your beauty sleep every night

Skin problems are never fun, and they may take some time to go away. Thankfully, there are ways for you to manage your skin condition and keep your face looking healthy:

  • Get enough rest and live a stress-free life
  • Have a healthy diet and stay away from processed sugars
  • Stay hydrated with lots of water
  • Limit your exposure to extreme heat
  • Know your skin type and the products that work for you

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