Kelantanese Are Undatable? M'sian Shocked To Find Men Being Apologetic Of Their Birthplace

Bachelorette Atiqah shared that she had received many messages from Kelantanese men before that were over-apologetic in nature, saying that they would understand if she rejected their advances.

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A Malaysian woman, who is seeking love online, was astonished to find that many men from Kelantan have no luck in the dating world simply because they were born in the northeastern state

In a tweet on Saturday, Atiqah went viral for sharing her own anecdotal evidence that many messages from Kelantanese men who approach her online were apologetic in nature, saying, "If you don't reply, I understand."

"I always receive replies (from other women) that say (they don't) accept Kelantanese men, so if you reject (me), no hard feelings" and "but I am from Kelantan" were some of the messages Atiqah received.

Astonished by how Kelantanese men think of themselves, the senior executive working in the tourism industry pondered, "What [has society] done to them?"

At the time of writing, Atiqah's tweet has garnered over 15,000 likes and 6,000 retweets.

Her tweet went viral after she posted her 'dating profile' on @TwtJodohMY, a Twitter page dedicated to matchmaking Malaysians

In the 'job vacancy' post, Atiqah said she is looking for her better half, and that she is dating to marry.

She then listed her weight, height, job, savings in her bank account, interests, and personality traits, before, in a separate list, detailing the criteria she is looking for in a man.

She also shared two photos of herself.

Based on the number of replies and retweets that the post garnered, it is safe to say that Atiqah received many prospective applicants from local bachelors.

After putting herself out on @TwtJodohMY, Atiqah related that she was surprised by how many Kelantanese men behaved as such, as many people she met from the state were remarkable individuals

"(They are) smart, better speakers than I am, great in studies and carrying themselves, and one more thing you can't deny... (they are) crazily good at running businesses," she lauded.

She then advised people not to generalise Kelantanese men based on their one bad experience.

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Image via Concorde Hotel Shah Alam

Despite that, many netizens shared their negative personal experiences of dating Kelantanese men

One netizen claimed that if one married an unwealthy Kelantanese man, the woman would end up becoming the breadwinner and housewife at the same time, and that the husband would never help around the house.

They continued that if one married a wealthy Kelantanese man, he would constantly joke to his spouse about getting another wife, which comes true in some cases.

Another netizen's account was more light-hearted, writing with a laughing emoji, "My dad is Kelantanese and since I was young, my mom had instilled in me that, 'If you want to get married, don't look for people from Kelantan'. This was before the whole Kelantanese red flag stereotypes existed."

"I'm a Kelantanese, [and] I don't want to date Kelantanese. My experience with those Kelantanese guys since 2019 [is] all big (red flags) and they perfected the stereotypes. (They have) typical Kelantan men's behaviour even though they have high education, and (they also) like to use misuse religion," one Twitter user added.

Image via Twitter

Twitter is not the only space that has the discussion surrounding dating men from the northeastern state lately

A recent viral Kosmo! report, titled 'Many women avoid going out with Kelantan men', also discussed some of the reasons why Malaysian women prefer not to date men from the state.

On Facebook, there were also arguments about 'Klatefobia', discrimination against people from Kelantan.

The issue was eventually reported in an article on PAS mouthpiece Harakah Daily, which highlighted a multitude of attacks that the state receives on a plethora of topics, noting, "From the smallest things to the big things, Kelantan is always the subject of ridicule."

Speaking to SAYS, Atiqah hopes bachelorettes will stop discriminating against Kelantanese men, as she believes nobody's personality is based solely on their birth state.

"It's more on how the family brings you up, your parents' (influence). But if you are already in your 30s, you cannot blame your parents and other people (for) your weakness and bad attitude," she added.

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