11 Awesome Things Only VW Drivers Will Understand

Get behind the wheel and you'll be Volkswaggin' in no time!

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Decade after decade, VWs have been challenged with the test of time, and they've emerged victorious every time

These hipsters-on-wheels have been cool before being cool was even a thing!

From immortalising the iconic beetle shape way back in 1931...

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Designed by Ferdinand Porsche (yes, that Porsche), the rounded front hood was introduced for better aerodynamics.

... to being every hippie's favourite accessory in the 60s.

Curious as to why hippies loved Volkswagens? The "people’s cars" were designed to be mechanically simple. This design philosophy fit well into the hippie philosophy of primitive subsistence.

Also, they provided hippies with mobility (and, in the case of the Bus, an instant flop house) and usually could be kept running without resorting to the services of a professional mechanic.

There are 101 reasons why the VW deserves a spot in your driveway; here are just some of them:

1. Let's face it: guys love it, girls adore it. It's awesome either way!

2. SWAG is in its DNA

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Utter coolness, guaranteed.

3. When you roll up to an event like a boss

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4. It's perfect for budding Darth Vaders everywhere

5. Mark Zuckerberg himself drives a nice little VW GTI

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Despite having enough wealth to buy a brand-new Lamborghini every day of the year, the Facebook CEO drives a black GTI with a manual transmission.

6. Works of art are dedicated to your car

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7. You can have breakfast that matches your ride

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To get all meta, you can make your VW toast in your VW toaster in your actual VW Kombi.

8. There's an inkling of hope that it might have a mind of its own

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9. You get a legit license to wear their cool driver gears

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10. It's the perfect excuse for road trips

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Especially if you've got your hands on the 12-seater 1965 Volkswagen Bus Limo.

11. Owning your VW long enough can earn your ride a birth certificate

Proud owners of classic Volkswagens can order a formal Zertifikat, which details the history of your vintage ride.

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