[PHOTOS] Perak Has A Pastel Street That Looks Just Like Disneyland

It even has Disney-themed cafes!

Cover image via Instagram @aimasyazwani/Instagram @shafina_hanum

Nestled in a quiet area of Kampar, there exists a small development called Bandar Agacia

Modelled after Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Street, its pastel-hued facade provides the perfect backdrop for magical photos

If you remember watching the London Choco Roll ad and wondering where that magical place is - turns out it's at Bandar Agacia!

If you take a stroll down Disney Avenue...

... you'll chance upon an array of Disney-themed eateries as well!

Prank your friends into thinking you've earned your place on the Walk of Fame

There's even a fairy tale castle in the works!

Image via AgaciaLand

The groundbreaking ceremony for Agacia Castle was conducted in April 2018.

Who says you need a passport to travel to beautiful places? ;)

While in Perak, make a stop at these places too:

Batu Caves' colourful makeover even made an appearance in Yuna's music video:

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