This Bank Has A Virtual Branch That Lets You Apply For An Online Account In Just 5 Minutes

No need to queue and wait long long anymore! ;P

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This Spotlight is sponsored by MBSB Bank.

Do you feel extra malas every time you have to go to the bank?

Well, you're not alone. A trip to the bank often feels like a major hassle, from looking for a place to park to queuing up for a number, and then waiting some more for your number to be called.

Sometimes, all you want to do is open a basic savings account or get a simple question answered, but it takes sooo long and the process seems super inefficient.

To make life easier for Malaysians, MBSB Bank has launched its "virtual branch" that offers most of the common banking services, so you no longer need to make a physical trip to the bank, woohoo!

Whether it's opening a bank account, changing your ATM PIN number, or placing a term deposit, you can now do all that and more with MBSB Bank's virtual branch, a.k.a. M Journey!

What is M Journey?
Essentially, M Journey is a seamless and secure way to perform banking transactions anytime, anywhere. In fact, it gives users easy-to-use banking services via a simple and user-friendly online interface.

Skip the queues and forget about going to different departments, 'cause M Journey will help you get whatever you need all in one place.

The great thing about M Journey is that it provides a guided experience for new users, so you won't need to aimlessly click around the website trying to look for what you need

For instance, here's how you can open a savings account in just five minutes:

STEP 1: Click "New To MBSB Bank"

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STEP 2: Click "Open an Account"

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STEP 4: Choose the savings account you would like to open, and click "Apply Online Via M Fast"

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STEP 5: Fill up your personal information and click submit. And you're done!

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And that's not all, M Journey also offers various kinds of services to meet your banking needs

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This includes applying for personal financing and debit card activation, in addition to e-banking payment services which cover MyDebit and Visa Debit, as well as SWIFT.

Besides enjoying usual features such as DuitNow and JomPAY, you can obtain the most updated information on your account, all easily online too.

M Journey provides online access that lets you:
- Make an inquiry about your account
- Change your ATM PIN
- Manage your cheques
- Download and print your statement

All in all, MBSB Bank wants to ease its customers from having to go to a physical branch by providing straightforward and speedy online banking. If that's what you're looking for, start your M Journey today!

Visit MBSB Bank's website for more information. 

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