Here Are 7 Tips On How To Take Inspiring Travel Photos For Your Next Vacation

Say bye-bye to the full-face selfie!

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1. Use remote shooting to take gorgeous shots of you and your surroundings

If you're alone in a secluded spot, try balancing your camera or smartphone on something, set the timer, and get into position. Of course, this takes quite a bit of trial and error. But the nice thing is that your photo tends to come out candid, which adds so much more whimsy and fun.

For an upgrade, get a camera with Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities that can connect to your phone so you have an instant remote and can take your time (rather than running into position!)

2. Take selfies to another level by shooting from a different angle

There's nothing wrong with a straight-up selfie, but if you want to up your solo photography skills, play around with angles. 

Extreme low and overhead shots instantly add magic to your pictures. Change up the way you frame your face to give a teaser of the stunning backgrounds you're enjoying! 

3. Frame different parts of your body once in a while rather than focusing on your face

Tell a different story with your images by photographing your hands, feet, legs, and even torso. Get inspiration from your surroundings and use them to your advantage. 

You've probably tried that 'view from the beach' shot displaying your tanned legs on the sand. Now it's time to take things up a notch!

4. Get creative with mirrors and reflective surfaces

This is definitely a welcome evolution of the infamous bathroom mirror selfie! Play around with reflective surfaces for a new take on a self-portrait.

From car side mirrors to convex roadside mirrors, to puddles, lakes, and sunglasses, if there's something shiny, take a snap at it!

5. Plan your pose in advance for extra oomph!

Nothing wrong with a cute standing shot, but if you really want to stand out, try something different! Strike a pose and don't feel embarrassed to hold it ;)

6. Ask a stranger to help (and you might make a friend at the same time too!)

It can be intimidating to ask a stranger for help, but it's likely that they're tourists too and would love a great photo in exchange!

Set up your shot first, then ask someone to click the shutter for you.

7. Print your photo and take a snap of it on the spot!

For an extra special memory, print your favourite picture then get a shot of it with the background you wanted. That way you're in the frame ;)

Bring along a portable, mini printer on your travels so you can instantly print from your smartphone or camera. It's a fun way to create something new. Better yet, use an Instant Camera Printer that's both a camera and a printer!

For your next adventure, check out the Canon iNSPiC range to capture your special moments wherever you are

Image via Canon

The camera is compact, pocket-sized, and comes in a range of fun colours.

On top of taking excellent photographs, the Canon iNSPiC range offers endless creativity with themed stickers and frames, giving your pictures extra pop!

The iNSPiC [C] retails at RM499, while the iNSPiC [S] is RM699.

Image via Canon

Not only are the iNSPiC cameras able to take low-light photos with the unique 'Fill Light' feature, they are also an instant print camera!

The iNSPiC [S] comes with a ring light feature, so when you use 'Fill Light' your skin is automatically beautified ;)

Image via Canon

Check out the key features:

  • ZINK Zero Ink Technology
  • Canon-renowned quality print-outs
  • Long-lasting and smudge-resistant sticky-back prints
  • Compact, pocket-sized, and trendy colours
  • Endless creativity with theme and occasion stickers and frames
  • Print from smartphone capabilities (iNSPiC [S] only)
  • Borderless print collages
  • Remote-shooting (iNSPiC [S] only)
  • One-touch quick re-print
  • Shoot in dim lighting with flash and fill lights (iNSPiC [S] only)
  • Switchable aspect ratio from 2:3 to 1:1
Plus, if you don't want to print your pictures on the spot, the camera printer supports a memory card. That means you can store your shots for as long as you want!

Image via Canon

You'll love taking, printing, and keeping all your memories together. It's the perfect camera for scrapbooking your vacation!

Image via Canon

Get snapping with the Canon iNSPiC camera now! Find out more here.

Image via Canon