"Don't Do It" — Locals React To Bernama's List Of The Most Competitive Courses In Malaysia

"Only the name is glamorous, but the reality is horrible."

Cover image via BERNAMA (Twitter) & Healthline

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Malaysian news agency, BERNAMA, recently shared an intriguing infographic on the top highly competitive courses in the nation

Sourced by the director-general of the Ministry of Higher Education, Professor Datuk Dr Husaini Omar, the illustration was clear and concise. Listing out what stands as the most highly competitive courses in Malaysia, they are:

1. Medicine
2. Dentistry 
3. Pharmacy
4. Accountancy
5. Law
6. Mechanical engineering
7. Electrical engineering
8. Electronic engineering
9. Chemical engineering
10. Civil engineering

The BERNAMA infographic.

Image via BERNAMA (Twitter)

While the post itself was short and sweet, Malaysians quickly took note of this list, and expressed their opinions on this diagram

A slew of individuals who currently work under some of the lines listed above were apprehensive about the list unduly influencing young people, stating that jobs most sought after may not always provide the biggest return.

Referencing how five of the top 10 are engineering courses, one person did not see it as fascinating.

In translation, he said, "Young people, don't aim to become an engineer. Already the job is tough, the pay is little, [and] you get scolded for small issues. Only the name is glamorous, but the reality is horrible. Sitting at home and planting chillis would get you more money than being an engineer."

Image via Twitter

The same was said for another individual who uttered a similar sentiment for law. "Children, don't ever choose law. So many lawyers are stingy, even to pay minimum wage to pupils is an issue. Already the syllabus is hard, it's not worth it at all."

Another added how they're simply tired of working in the legal field.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

A couple of other individuals also commented on the visual allure of accountancy. "Accounting students, if you haven't taken ACCA, your salary will be at the barest minimum," wrote one person, with another adding, "My friend [with an accounting degree] said the same too! Tirelessly studying, only to end up with a salary of [RM1,500]."

A New Zealand graduate added to the conversation on accountancy, saying that no one should underestimate how hard the field is. "I passed all my ACCA papers in one go, but when I was applying, none of The Big Four companies accepted me. After two months of applying, I finally got one reply."

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

On the flip side, a certain few asked why other courses did not make the top 10, particularly courses on information technology (IT)

Image via Twitter

However, one person seemed to have a good take on the matter, stating that while IT is an important skill to have in the office, it isn't a course as competitive as the other jobs within the top 10.

Image via Twitter

Some responders on the other hand, gave their helpful takes as to what line of work would reap the most financial benefit

One user suggested digital marketing, graphic design, and anything related to IT.

Image via Twitter

While a couple of others suggested farming and agriculture instead.

Image via Twitter

Has this tweet made you rethink your own career?

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