This Transit Home At Serdang Hospital Allows Caregivers To Stay For Free

It's like a home away from home.

Cover image via Hilo Urgent Care

Caring for a loved one battling with sickness can be challenging, both mentally and physically

That’s why Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) wanted to take care of caregivers, allowing them to focus on supporting their loved ones, without having to worry about how to get around and where to stay.

Recently, TNB has sponsored RM1.2 million to upgrade the transit home at Serdang Hospital, known as Better Brighter Anjung Kasih. This home is one of nine transit homes started by YKN, the National Welfare Foundation.

Transit homes are dorm facilities designed for caregivers, who are taking care of patients admitted into the hospital

These homes are specially reserved for caregivers who come from other states, stay far away, or are taking care of critically ill patients. This allows caregivers to be close to their loved ones, helping them have a smoother recovery process.

Since being established in 2006, Anjung Kasih facilities nationwide have provided for more than 54,000 next-of-kin of patients. There are currently nine of these transit homes, with two more opening this year, and three more scheduled to open next year.

Better Brighter Anjung Kasih at Serdang Hospital first started off as a transit home and resting area

Image via TNB

Back then, besides being a place for caregivers to stay overnight, it was also a place for ambulance drivers to rest. It also housed recreational activities like a ping pong table. Now, this two-storey transit home can accommodate up to 102 people, with rooms for males, females, and families.

The first floor is reserved for males, whereas the second floor is for females. Thanks to TNB, the rooms have also been equipped with air-conditioning, making the experience a comfortable and memorable one.

This transit home provides all kinds of facilities, such as:

  • Male and female surau
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Areas to dry clothes
  • Resting area with TVs
  • Playroom for kids
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms (up to 20)
  • Counselling rooms
  • Special OKU rooms

The best part about Better Brighter Anjung Kasih is that it is free for caregivers

The transit home is here to provide caregivers with comfort and convenience at their time of need. While it may be free, it is reserved for next-of-kin caregivers, and priority will always be given to:

  • Caregivers who stay far away
  • Caregivers who are underprivileged
  • Caregivers who are unable to afford accommodation
  • Patients who live far from the hospital and require multiple treatments

Ultimately, the idea to upgrade transit homes and dorm facilities in government-owned hospitals was to provide people with a "home away from home"

Image via TNB

In the hospital, patients and caregivers are already in an unfamiliar and stressful environment, dealing with the uncertainties of sickness. They shouldn't have to worry about accommodation, transportation, and the cost of all these additional factors.

With the upgraded Better Brighter Anjung Kasih, caregivers won't have to sleep at corridors or hospital wards, but can get the proper rest they need. This will, in turn, allow them to care for their loved ones better.

Thank you so much TNB and YKN for looking out for everyday Malaysians in ways we never expected

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