Download This App At Gegaria Fest To Get RM10 For A Cashless Experience

You can now experience a cashless event.

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If you're heading to Gegaria Fest in JB and Kuantan, you should definitely go there with an empty stomach

Nasi Lemak Tanglin.

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Botak Mangga mango juice.

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Char kway teow from Mie Cord.

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Durian cendol from Rojak Cendol Shah Alam.

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Just like their first event in Setia Alam, you can expect to find food trucks from the most popular restaurants in the region stationed at the Gegaria Fests in JB and Kuantan.

Boost is giving out RM10 on the spot for anyone who downloads the app at Gegaria!

Boost app, an e-wallet, is giving out a RM10 at Gegaria Fest in JB and Kuantan, so you can use that money to buy any food you like at the festivals.

Here's what you need to do to claim that RM10:

1. Download the Boost app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Register for an account with your phone number. An invite code will be given by the Boost promoters at the event. 
3. Key in the invite code to redeem the RM10. 

Enjoy the cashless convenience when purchasing your food from your favourite food trucks

Simply scan the unique QR code that's displayed at each of the food truck. Key in the price of the food, then type your transaction PIN. And you're done!

Boost snacks and sweet treats for just RM1

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Don't worry if you run out of money as you can always top up your Boost e-wallet anytime, anywhere

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You can use your credit or debit card to top up your Boost e-wallet at Gegaria. Just insert your card details and key in the amount you want to add to your e-wallet. 

Alternatively, you can link your savings account to your Boost app and top up your wallet via direct bank-in. 

Purchase mobile credit, discount vouchers, and more

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You don't necessarily need to finish up your Boost Money at Gegaria Fest as you can use them to purchase vouchers for later use. These vouchers will give you up to 60% discount on various goodies, such as Tealive drinks, myBurgerLab meals, Boost juice, and even credit for your Steam Wallet!

There's also the option to purchase mobile credit for any telco. So you don't need to go searching for an ATM or convenience store to top up your prepaid plan. 

There's also a feature to help you transfer money to your friends after splitting the bill

The Boost app will help you calculate and split the bill after a day out. You can even use it to transfer the money you owe to your friend with zero transaction charges.

Download the Boost app at Gegaria Fest to enjoy RM10

Here's what you can expect at Gegaria Fest:

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