Ever Wonder Why You Can't Stop Eating Salted Egg Chips? Boss Chips Shares Their Secret

Apparently the secret is in the way it's fried.

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From chicken to croissants and cronuts, salted egg yolk has come a long way and it recently made waves with its latest form - crispy, addictive chips!

It's clear that salted egg yolk isn't a passing fad - it's here to stay!

And you can never just have one piece...

You'll just end up finishing the whole bottle. 

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Why have one when you can have more, right?

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So we asked the experts at Boss Chips to share with us what makes these chips extraordinary:

1. Picking the freshest local ingredients

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Sticking true to its home-cooked origins, Boss Chips keeps it real with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets, from the salted eggs to the chili padi and curry leaves. Only the best ingredients make it through to their kitchen to ensure the chips get that wholesome home-made feel!

2. Coating each chip perfectly

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Here's a little secret that makes Boss Chips so hard to stop eating once you start: They use a special frying technique to ensure that each potato chip is coated with that irresistible salted egg sauce.

According to the brand, the labour-intensive task is "like spreading jam over bread but in a wok", and the end results are well worth it!

3. Keeping them fresh

Each jar is sealed for freshness, and the preservative-free chips rely on natural ingredients to retain their flavour. Although they'll keep for two months, the brand recommends that your jar is this empty within a week of opening:

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But we all know that the bottle won't last a month. You'll probably finish it within the day. 

Remember to keep them cool or in a fridge, because nothing - yes, NOTHING - is worse than soggy chips.

The brand also shared some next-level ways fans have enjoyed the chips - including eating them as lauk with rice :O

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On a less eyebrow-raising note, the fun snack is great for parties and movie nights!

Could use some salted egg yolk chips right about now? Stock up on Boss Chips here:

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