17 Breastfeeding Friendly Cafes And Malls In KL All New Nursing Mothers Should Know

What is it about breastfeeding that has got most people cringing and turning away?

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Julia Tan was breastfeeding her five-month old son at a Starbucks when a middle-aged lady complained to the barista there and insisted that Julia be asked to stop as it was “disgusting”

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QUESTION: What is the harm with a mother feeding her child in public?

Mother's have it tough. And we don't make things easier when we gawk "awkwardly" or make such hurtful comments towards them. Most of the time it's our glares that turn mothers away from breastfeeding. Sometimes we do it unconsciously, but this is most probably due to the social stigma we've conformed to.

Anna Alicia, a mother of two, said she stopped breastfeeding her child only because she found it more and more difficult to find a secluded place to nurse without offending anyone.

It's scientifically proven breastfeeding is ESSENTIAL to both the mother and infant. It helps create a special bond between the mother and child and also ensures the best development for the baby.

Mothers nursing their babies on 16 August during the Big Latch On at Subang Parade organised by TBAN

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It has been said babies who are breastfed pose a lower risk of asthma, obesity, diabetes and even allergies. To boot, it turns out breastfeeding also helps mummies lose weight!

Hence why 'The Breastfeeding Advocates Network' (TBAN) started a community initiative called BFriendly. It promotes greater acceptance and promotion of breastfeeding in community and commercial, and corporate settings.

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The team believes that breastfeeding is a mother's right rather than a women's duty, which is why tables have turned and the duty is imposed on the government and public to create an environment that enables mother's to make an informed choice about nursing their child.

So how does the public play a role in this?

The starting point would be to start "breastfeeding friendly" establishments. But then the question rises, what is a "breastfeeding friendly" environment?

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BFriendly says: An environment which accepts breastfeeding women and is willing to provide a private area for mothers to breastfeed. One thing's for sure, if you ever do spot the sticker above at any establishment, it's safe to say the place has been certified breastfeeding friendly.

So mothers out there, we're here to help with a few BFriendly certified cafes and malls in a few cities you can nurse your child at ease:


The Lactation Room in IKEA even provides toys in the room to distract your other young children while you are nursing

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1. Sunway Pyramid
2. Paradigm Mall
3. Isetan, The Gardens
4. Parkson, 1Utama
5. Isetan, 1Utama
6. Ikano Power Centre
7. The Curve

Breastfeeding room at Isetan, The Gardens.

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Watch what these moms think about publicly breastfeeding in Malaysia:

Did you know in United Arab Emirates(UAE) mothers are required by law to breastfeed the child? Like furreal! Read about it here:

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