[QUIZ] Build A Raya Gift Box And We'll Tell You How Much Duit Raya You'll Get This Year

Selamat Hari Raya, hehe!

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Hari Raya is right around the corner, yayyyy!

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Whether it's Johor or Penang, you probably can't wait to balik kampung to meet everyone at home 'cause there's nothing quite like reuniting with your cousins, nenek, and atuk — especially after spending the last two years apart. :')

There are just so many other exciting things to look forward to as well, from putting on your new baju, to eating all the delicious food, and not forgetting the duit Raya, hehe.

It may be a small token given out during the festive season, but we sure do welcome it nonetheless. :P

Want a fun prediction of how much money you'll receive in your sampul Raya this year? Build a festive gift box to find out, heheh! :P

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

So, how much did you get, heheh? Whatever the amount, the most important part of Raya is certainly our family and friends.

If you can't be there to share the joy with your loved ones in person, you could always deliver some gifts to them with Lalamove!

Understandably, many people still shy away from having larger gatherings. Zoom celebrations are totally a thing now, which is an awesome display of how technology can still unite us.

Despite the distance, you can still show your appreciation for your loved ones, so what better way than to surprise them with something you know they'll love?

Thanks to Lalamove, you can send packages of any size to any part of Malaysia, making gift-giving so much easier

The best part? It doesn't matter if it's a last-minute present, because Lalamove's pay-per-use feature allows for so much flexibility when sending items to your friends and family.

You can even select the vehicle you need, whether it's a motorcycle, car, pick-up truck, van, or lorry.

On top of that, Lalamove is available not just in Klang Valley, but in Johor, Penang and Melaka too!

If you require interstate delivery, Lalamove's long-haul delivery service allows you to have your items picked up from Klang Valley, Johor, Penang or Melaka, and delivered to other states in Peninsular Malaysia. How awesome is that?

This Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Lalamove is also having a giveaway, where you can stand a chance to win a Prism TV if you're lucky :O

With the Lalamove Raya Giveaway, everyone who participates is a winner, hurrah!

But first, here's what you can expect to win:

First prize
- Prism TV Q65-QE

Second prize
- Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Third prize
- Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Consolation prizes
- Lalamove delivery coupon packs

Psstt, you can only participate in this giveaway through the Lalamove app!

So, if you don't already have it on your phone, be sure to download it here.

The giveaway basically works like this: You'll need to complete missions, which will get you an unboxing ticket with a guaranteed prize of some sort.

All the missions come in the form of placing minimum delivery orders or topping up your Lalamove wallet.

Here's a breakdown on getting unboxing tickets:
- One ticket for every two Lalamove delivery orders (up to 20 tickets per user)
- One ticket for every Lalamove credit top-up (up to three tickets per user)
- One ticket for users who top-up for the first time (one ticket per user)

Once you receive a ticket, click Open Now to unbox and find out what you've gotten.

If you win Lalamove coupons, click Redeem Now to save the coupons in your wallet. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the system to load your prize in My Rewards.

Meanwhile, if you win one of the grand prizes, just wait for Lalamove to get in touch with you and arrange for the prize handover. :D

So, whatchu waiting for? Hurry up and download the Lalamove app today for your chance to score some amazing prizes! :D

Plus, you'll be brightening up your loved ones' day this Ramadan and Raya when they find a surprise delivery from you, hehe. <3

Lalamove offers the biggest variety of delivery options in the country, from motorcycles, cars, 4x4 pick-up trucks, vans, and lorries, you can count on its fleet to safely deliver your gift, big or small. So worth it to see your loved ones smile, amirite? ;)

Visit Lalamove's website for more information

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