Never Struggle To Open Or Close An Umbrella Ever Again With These Automatic Ones


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Rainy days come once too often and the last thing you need is to get caught in an unexpected downpour

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Those who sediakan payung before hujan will no doubt be thankful they were well-prepared for the rain, but here's the thing - you'll probably get wet anyway while you wrestle to open your umbrella

One of the most annoying things about using an umbrella is that you need both hands to handle it properly, especially when it comes to folding it down.

Take me, for example. I usually bring my umbrella with me wherever I go, but more often than not, I’d find myself drenched anyway when I’m trying to open an umbrella when entering or exiting my car.

Yes, #firstworldproblems indeed.

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Then, I discovered automatic umbrellas

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Automatic umbrellas have been in the market for several years now and they're becoming increasingly popular because they make life (especially during rainy seasons) so much easier.

Basically, people can use automatic umbrellas effortlessly because these umbrellas do away with the fiddling of the clunky closing mechanism of traditional umbrellas.

It's a life-changing experience when it comes to using automatic umbrellas — all you need to do is to press the button on the handle to open and close

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True finesse.

Some manufacturers have taken it one step further by making inverted automatic umbrellas, which means the device folds the opposite way

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These umbrellas, also known as reverse umbrellas, are designed in such a way that they are folded upwards. This way, the wet surface is kept inside and away from yourself and others, effectively putting an end to getting splashed when closing an umbrella. 

These automatic umbrellas also often come with a C-shaped handle that makes one-handed operation possible

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Umbrellas are easier to use with C-shaped handles because you could free up your hands for other purposes.  

It's foolish to expect umbrellas to keep every drop of rain away, but it will be comforting to know that the one you're using can help to keep you drier on rainy days.

I wish someone told me about this sooner

It's time to change your old umbrella and make that revolutionary leap - or you'll be missing out!

Get an automatic folding umbrella on  Shopee or the reversible version here.

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