How Much Does A Professional Race Car Driver Make?

In the first episode of #CanMakeMoneyMeh? with SAYS, Zen Low, a professional race driver tells us what it takes to be one.

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There may have been one point in your life when you fantasised of becoming a race driver

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Only to dismiss it as "unrealistic"

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What would your family and friends say? What would people think when they hear you race cars for a living? Will people classify you as a mat rempit or a mechanic? "Bro, how much can you even make as a racer?"

This man however, pursued his childhood dreams and became a legit race driver. Meet Zen Low, a Malaysian GT racer.

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His "office" is on the race track. This is him in his Lamborghini cruising down the Sepang circuit.

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He's done pretty well too, winning races and championships along the way

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So out of curiosity, we got to talk with the man himself whether a race driver can make money in a country like Malaysia?

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Hear and watch it from the man himself HERE:

A race driver's salary depends mostly on two things:

1. The amount of sponsorships
2. Prize money

The better a driver is, the more sponsors he or she gets and coupled with the prize money, the salary for a race driver can be pretty handsome.

Zen Low is currently a spokesperson for TOC Automotive College as he believes in building up budding Malaysians who has passion for automobiles

The college is one of the very few institutions that specialises and offers various courses in the automotive industry

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