Carlsberg Releases Their New Bottle Design That Allows You To 'Pop' A Beer Anywhere

Bye bye bottle openers.

Cover image via Thirst Magazine

Imagine wanting to enjoy a cold bottle of beer but you have no bottle opener with you

Image via 20th Television

Who carries bottle openers around with them anyway? And even if you do have one at home, they seem to be the easiest thing to go missing. 

Now, you can kiss that problem goodbye because Carlsberg just introduced an easier way of enjoying your beer - the "POP cap"

Image via Carlsberg

Carlsberg recently replaced the traditional pry-off caps of their Smooth Draught bottles with the new "POP cap", a ring-pull cap that literally allows you to 'pop' the bottle easily without the need of any utensil. 

All you need to do is just lift the ring and quickly pull it upwards. Like this:

Not only does it make beer-drinking easier, it makes the experience more fun as well

Image via Carlsberg

"Beer drinkers love the smooth sensation available in a bottle or can, allowing them to enjoy draught beer anytime, anywhere," Lars Lehmann, the Managing Director of Carlsberg said. He also believes that this new POP cap will go on to "revolutionise the draught beer-drinking experience". 

Try 'popping' a Carlsberg Smooth Draught for yourself today!

Watch how we tried to open our bottles without a bottle opener:

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