This Beloved Skincare Line Wants To Help You Tackle The Five Signs Of Skin Sensitivity

Don't let sensitive skin hold you back.

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Do you have sensitive skin and find that it's getting in the way of enjoying life like you want? :(

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Sensitive skin affects about 70% of individuals worldwide*. According to Cetaphil, seven out of ten Malaysians believe they don't have healthy skin**, while more than 50% surveyed have experienced at least one sign of skin sensitivity**.

Wondering whether you have sensitive skin? There are usually five signs of skin sensitivity you can look out for. They include dryness, irritation, a weakened skin barrier, roughness, and tightness.

You tend to experience dry skin when your skin doesn't produce enough oil, leading to dry flakes, redness, or irritation.

Roughness and tightness, on the other hand can come alongside a weakened skin barrier, where your skin loses the ability to hold on to hydration, leaving it vulnerable to outside stressors.

*Farage Ma. Front Med. 2019;6:98. Chen W. et al. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2020;34:1779–1788
**Cetaphil Skin Health Survey 2021 conducted April 2021

Those with sensitive skin often deal with these issues.

But, did you know that even people with dry, oily, and normal or combination skin types are also prone to the five signs of skin sensitivity?

External factors, such as your environment, are usually to blame for these triggers. This means your skin can get irritated just by going about your daily activities.

Other triggers include certain chemicals like preservatives or dyes, as well as things like pollution, weather, and temperature sensitivity.

Think strong winds while riding your bike, sweat that drips down your face during a workout, a makeup routine with new products, or even fur and dander from cuddling with your pet!

No matter what kind of skin sensitivity you are facing, let Cetaphil come to your aid!

Cetaphil is the number one dermatological skincare brand in Malaysia*.

Well-known for its dermatologically tested, gentle to skin, and hypoallergenic products, the brand is on a mission to educate and help Malaysians defend against signs of skin sensitivity through its skin awareness month campaign.

Cetaphil does not want you to compromise anything when it comes to your skin. This is why it's championing all skin types with cutting-edge formulations designed to work hard for your skin, so you can best enjoy life.

During its skin awareness month, you can expect dermatologist-backed solutions and tailor-made routines. You'll be able to find all this plus expert tips and recommendations, helping you take care of your sensitive skin with love and care.

*IQVIA Malaysia, Emollients & Protectives Market, Mat Q3 2022 (Units & Value)

Here's how Cetaphil has got your sensitive skin woes covered:

1. Its bestsellers, the Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturising Cream, come with an upgraded formula

Cetaphil's new formulas contain a science-backed blend of ingredients.

Niacinamide is added to help strengthen the skin barrier, while panthenol, a hydrating ingredient, soothes and restores moisture back into dry skin. Other ingredients like glycerin helps prevent dryness by drawing in moisture to hydrate the skin.

The formulas are biodegradable, free of parabens, sulfates, and animal origin ingredients, as well as dermatologically tested.

Cetaphil products also harness the power of natural ingredients — Cetaphil Moisturising Cream, contains almond oil, while Cetaphil Soothing Foam Wash is formulated with soothing ingredients like triple ceramides, allantoin, and glycerin. Both products are gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic.

Meanwhile, Cetaphil Baby features a gentle formulation which provides fivefold protection (it's gentle, soothing, provides moisture seal, hypoallergenic, and maintains a healthy skin barrier), giving your baby the skin they deserve.

2. Defend against the five signs of skin sensitivity using Cetaphil products

Whether you have sensitive skin triggered by skincare products that are too harsh or had excessive exposure to skin-damaging environmental factors like wind and sun, you can count on Cetaphil's gentle formula to nourish and soothe.

Cetaphil has been advancing dermatology and improving sensitive skin innovation to defend against five signs of skin sensitivity — dryness, irritation, roughness, tightness, and a weakened skin barrier.

This means Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser does more than clean. It hydrates your skin as you cleanse, while the Moisturising Cream provides continuous 48 hours hydration with one single application* and works to restore skin barrier in one week*.

*Galderma Data on File [Clear project Final Clinical Results on 5 Products]

3. Take a closer look at your skin's health with Cetaphil's advanced skin analyser

Want to find out how healthy your skin really is? Cetaphil's skin analyser can do just that — it analyses your uploaded image to measure skin conditions like acne, dark spots, dryness, and more.

You'll also receive personalised skincare recommendations based on your skin's top concerns and free samples of Cetaphil.

You can get your personalised scan here

4. Learn about sensitive skin triggers through Cetaphil SkinSense, a series of immersive virtual tours featuring skin science

It can be difficult for us to visualise the cause of sensitive skin or how different stimuli affect our skin. So, Cetaphil SkinSense is here to make things interesting for you as you learn through immersive virtual tours. 

From tactile experiences to digital interactive elements, you can find rooms that focus on specific daily stressors and signs of sensitive skin, as well as the science that goes behind Cetaphil's range, designed to delight and educate users on the health of their skin.

You can start your SkinSense experience from 27 February here.

During its skin awareness month, Cetaphil will also be shining a spotlight on its show, called Ask The Expert with Dr Nadege Lachmann

Happening every Friday until 17 March, Dr Lachmann will be answering questions sent in by consumers, so stay tuned if you want to learn more about your skin's health!

Cetaphil understands how skin issues can hold you back from being your best self, which is why it is proud to be the number one dermatological skincare brand in Malaysia that not only offers you science-backed solutions, but also for your baby too

Cetaphil's tagline is We Do Skin, You Do You. As a trusted brand for Malaysians, Cetaphil defends against the five signs of skin sensitivity, while Cetaphil Baby offers fivefold protection to your little ones, helping nourish and soothe sensitive skin.

All in all, Cetaphil wants to help you feel more confident, empowered, and free to be your best self in every moment, every day <3

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Want to learn more about skin health and signs of skin sensitivity? Visit Cetaphil's website for more informative topics during its skin awareness month.

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